From Boxes to Furniture, Laser Cut Wood


From Boxes to Furniture, Laser Cut Wood

Whether you reach for finished hardwood or a reclaimed barn beam, your Glowforge 3D laser printer pairs perfectly with beautiful, natural wood. Craft tomorrow’s heirlooms with unparalleled precision when you use wood to build sturdy furniture, stunning home decor, and even musical instruments.

  • Make the most of wood’s natural beauty when you create exquisite inlays of different species and colors
  • Level up your game night with incredible custom game boards and pieces
  • Experiment with design techniques like living hinges to create “bendable” hardwood
  • Upgrade your plain IKEA furniture with the addition of engraved hardwood veneer for a high-design touch

Meet Glowforge

The magical 3D laser printer that makes all these projects possible.

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