Laser Printing on Wood Dice ! Set up
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So I’m working on recreating a game using dice. I know you could probably laser cut a tiny box but i wanted something with a little weight and balance. So i found these wood dice on amazon and tried to laser engrave them.

The set up is pretty cool and i wanted to share it to spark ya’ll imagination. First i cut some scrap for the dice to sit in and labeled which markings are where (the second set of dice holes is for a different pattern). Like a conveyor belt, once a print is finished take the dice out, flip it, then place it to the next hole moving each dice over by one on a fresh face. That’s why there are six holes. With this set up i can do three sets of six dice all at once. I guess with this method you would at a minimum need to print six dice, not wanting to leave an empty hole, so keep that in mind when trying this.

The dice are too big for the focus height so i took out the crumb tray and elevated it all with some more wood and measured the new height to be within the glowforge limits. Once everything is set up it took some micro adjustments to make sure the template was in the right spot, after that i taped to down. VERY IMPORTANT, it if this thing moves im screwed.
However once everything was secured its just a matter of print, wait, flip, over and over until every face is done.

Dice Set up

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