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We’ve done our very best to provide answers to the most common questions, but sometimes, there’s no substitute for a real conversation with a Glowforge owner who knows their Glowforge inside-and-out.

When you speak with a Glowforge expert, you'll be able to get fast answers to your questions, figure out which machine is right for you, and even see a Glowforge in action! Fill out the info below for the quickest response or email us at sales@glowforge.com, and we'll be in touch.

Side note: Since we launched the Pro Passthrough feature, the record for “Biggest Print” has been hotly contested. Ask your Glowforge expert who’s in the lead.

Questions or ideas about your Glowforge?

Get the latest updates from the Glowforge Community. Owners have exclusive access to post, comment, and create new topics. Talk lasers and get inspired by other Glowforge owners, plus our Customer Success Team & CEO Dan Shapiro are always there answering questions and admiring everyone's creations. We’re also happy to bounce around ideas on Twitter and Facebook (but they’re not great for support – for that, use support@glowforge.com).

If you have a question or problem that’s not covered in the FAQ, manual, or Support, just email us at support@glowforge.com and we’ll get back to you right away.

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We’re hiring people like you! Check out our careers page, then shoot us an email with your resume, LinkedIn, or whatnot at jobs@glowforge.com. You can find out more about the team on our About Us page.

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Take a look at our press page and email press@glowforge.com.

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Just email hello@glowforge.com and we'll get right back to you. You can also reach our voicemail at + 1 (855) 338-2122. Be sure to leave your email address as we’re not able to return calls.

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