Pre-Release | Light as a feather
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Supplies: Proofgrade Cherry 1/8" Plywood - Op time: 6 mins

‘It’s who’s birthday today? They are coming over when?’

I am sure some of us have utter those words. But with the Glowforge, you can make last minute gifts that are still unique and handmade. (That… Sounded like an ad. Sorry- But it’s true.)

This project was dead simple. I started out with a quick google search of a feather (She has this thing for Ikarus) and dumped it in Illustrator.


Yeah- normally I’d use F360. But I had the lazys today. Used the Image trace tool and truncated the stuff I didn’t want. <5 mins. Then off to the Glowforge.

Pretty simple.

Added LED goodness.

I like it.

Bonus footage. Cardboard getting cut.

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