Careers at Glowforge

You’re the key to solving our puzzle.

We call these our cornerstones.

They’re the guidelines for the work we do and how we work together. They’re important to us, and if you decide that Glowforge is the right place for you, they’ll become important to you too. They influence everything we do, starting with the top puzzle piece (that’s where you come in).

If we do it right, it’ll ultimately lead to fulfill our goal: A world where anyone can print anything.

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Hire diverse and amazing people

We want to build our company with colleagues who can grow to be the very best at what they do. And we know that talent isn’t limited to just a few neighborhoods, just a few schools, or just a few companies. That’s why our hiring process is built to find and welcome talented people like you.

We founded our company on a commitment to build a diverse and inclusive culture. That’s why we’ve pioneered a more equitable way to do job offers, published our health insurance plan in full, and pay for referrals of under-represented folks.

It’s also why we all join together in anti-racism, inclusion, and diversity training. It’s important to us that when we hire a wonderful person, they’re able to bring their full selves to work every day.

We believe that the only way our company can be successful is if we build a team that represents our customers - in all their incredible diversity and creativity. You can see us all here.

Take care of each other

We came to Glowforge knowing it wouldn’t be “just a job”. We’ve all chosen to work together – and we want to make that experience amazing.

Some of that is about our benefits. We have outstanding medical, dental, and telehealth, and we pay 100% of employee premiums. We have 6 weeks of flexible holidays and vacation, and the right equipment to work effectively from home - including taking home a Glowforge printer.

Some of that is how we operate. We were one of the first companies to head home during the COVID disaster. Our Chief of Staff, Dr. Therese Seldon, has a background in infectious diseases and ensures that we have the latest scientific data available to keep us safe. Our labs and offices are run safely for those who work in person, and the vast majority of our team are fully remote.

Some of that is how we work together. Glowforge feels different from most companies in that people are always there to lend a helping hand. Every week, there are dozens of folks saying thank you to each other for the amazing help and collaboration they provided. Every day, we experience that alignment of care and purpose together.

Finally, it’s how we come together. We meet weekly as a company to share stories, teach each other instruments at virtual lunch, play boardgames together in the occasional evening, and make the most of being remote from each other - together.

What Glowfolk Say

“I expected people would be really pleasant, but people are beautiful and kind, which I didn't necessarily expect. There is always a disparity between the projection and the reality, and that margin is really small for Glowforge.”

– Long N., Computer Vision Engineer

Delight our customers, present and future

We build something magical. When people experience our product for the first time, it’s a moment of joy. If you have any doubt, take a look at what people post online, when they post about us - like the #glowforge hashtag on Instagram.

It’s hard to find a job where you can build something that makes the world better. It’s hard to find a product that can truly impact the way the world works. At Glowforge, you have the chance to build wonderful tools that people treasure, because they enrich their lives. We create things that empower other people to create things.

Our unofficial company motto is “we have the best customers”. When you join, you’ll see how this infuses everything we do. Every part of our company cheers and supports Glowforge owners as they create incredible things in the world - from artwork to businesses, from teaching kids to fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Coming to Glowforge means taking responsibility for, and joy in, the wonder that we can create together in the world.

Build value for ourselves and our company

We’re all owners here. You’ll receive stock options when you join, so you can share in the value that we create together. After spending two years here, you'll be eligible for additional stock grants, to expand your ownership.

Some people feel uncomfortable talking about pay – but you’re making a big decision. You deserve to know what you’re signing up for.

Here’s where we stand today:

  • We created a new product in a new market, which has lead to enormous growth.
  • We have more than enough cash on hand to reach profitability.
  • We see the opportunity to increase our impact and our value tenfold in the coming years.
  • Our senior leadership team has successfully founded, grown, and maintained major companies before.
  • We believe that working at Glowforge can be the defining event of your professional career. You can help us create a tremendous success that will impact the rest of your life.

And at the same time, we’re still a startup. That means a fast pace, ambitious goals, and a heaping helping of uncertainty. It means putting in long hours because you’re so excited about the opportunities ahead and you don’t want to let your team down. It means your manager reminding you to take your vacation time, because the work is fun and there’s always more around the corner.

It also means that a degree in startup-ology is included with your job here. We want everyone to understand the business that we’re building together, so we’re transparent with information like our sales numbers, our earnings information, and details about how each department operates. You’ll also get weekly lunches that explain everything from EBITDA to laser physics to design software.

We’re telling you all of this because choosing to work for a small company instead of a megacorp means choosing opportunity, meaning, and impact on the world over predictability and a nine-to-five job. It’s a big decision.

But if you’re like us - it’s the right one.

Life at Glowforge

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We take care of each other

Pay well and fairly

We start with research-based salaries that ensure everyone’s pay is fair and well above market. Even better, we don’t make you negotiate for the best offer.

6 Weeks to Recharge

Unplug with 20 days of vacation, plus 11 holidays that you can take whenever fits the way you celebrate. That means you can choose to observe the holidays that matter most to you, rather than the holidays that the company mandates.

Health Insurance

We pay your premium for outstanding physical and mental health, dental, and more. We have full telehealth alternatives for both doctor visits and therapy. We also recognize that not all insurance works for all people, so we published our plan on the internet. Read on for more.

A company of owners

Everyone here builds value together, and when we succeed, we share in the results. Every full-time role comes with a generous stock option grant.

Take Care

We provide wellness, bereavement, jury, parental leave, and more – your life is important and we make sure you have room to do right by yourself and those you care about.

Top-notch Equipment

Whatever you need to be productive, we’ll provide – from a laptop and standing desk to a Haas VF-4 milling machine and leather dye.

Own a Glowforge

Borrow one indefinitely for free, or buy a Glowforge Pro and air filter of your own at an enormous employee discount.


We were among the first to switch to remote and are being cautious about our return. We have a budget for equipping your home office. Our COVID-19 response coordinator, Dr. Therese Seldon, is chartered with keeping us all safe.


Some states have restricted medical care in ways Glowforge believes to be unfair and inequitable, such as restricting abortions and gender-affirming care. To resist these efforts and support our employees affected by those restrictions, Glowforge will pay for the travel or relocation to get the health care those Glowfolk and their families need and deserve.


We strive to be our best for each other. And our best requires a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Everyone here participates in expert-led training on anti-racism, allyship, and more. That’s doubly true for every manager. And here’s the really important part: we keep getting better, thanks to the open, passionate contributions of folks across the company.

Are you our missing piece?

Click the perfect opening below to apply. Or, if you have any questions, drop us an email. We can’t wait to meet you.

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