Wood brooch made with Padauk
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Hi everyone! First post here! This wood brooch I did from one of my fan art illustrations for the movie The Shape of Water. I had released enamel pins of it a couple years ago which have been long since sold out, but I occasionally still get people asking for it or buying the stickers so I thought I would experiment with it and try to make some brooches out of some 1/8" Padauk I had sitting here. I put the settings to proofgrade Cherry Hardwood settings and it worked perfectly for both the cut and engrave. I did do two passes on the cut just to ensure it cut all the way through. I did not use any masking.

I did not use any sealant or oil after, this is the natural color as it is. I did take a magic eraser to it after it came out just to clean up areas that got a little resin-y.


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