Guitar wallet modified from walnut vaneer card wallet
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Last week I put this project together based on @madebynick’s great vaneer card wallet. Today's Project: A walnut veneer card wallet

This is a birthday/graduation present for my brother so I made a few modifications

I made a few modifications.

A billfold

My brother is a guitarist, and owns the engraved guitar.

And as you can see around the edge I created a leather edge to protect the edge of the wood.

The final modification is a modification to the hinge. The existing design requires the wood grain to cross the wallet parallel to the hinge direction. I created a divide in the design such that I could separate out the grain direction of the wood from the grain direction of the hinge. In so doing I was then able to use a different wood for the hinge portion of the wallet than for the primary surface.

Let me know what you think.

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