Proofgrade veneer compass rose inlay: from design to finished piece
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This topic will be a work in progress. I did the design in Inkscape and did a test cut of cat food box chipboard. This is definitely a parametric modeling job in the long run to get exact dimensions of the darts, but Inkscape cloning did pretty well

Hardest part is assembly. I ended up putting some spray adhesive on to keep the pieces from shifting from my fat and sticky fingers. A needle or some type of pick would work well to shift the pieces, I used a pen. ProofGrade Veneer comes with an adhesive backing already. I cut these out individually rather than grouped/combined with no double common lines since I’ll be alternating maple and walnut veneer in the final piece.

The points don’t meet at the moment. That is more a function of difficulty in placement rather that imprecise cutting. Many compass roses have a circle in the center as a way to make placement easier. I’ll keep working on this to see if I can have all the points meet at the center.

Here is a test on the ProofGrade maple plywood to see what depth of engrave would work for the veneer of .035".

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