Chariot Racing Game
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I finally scratched an itch and built an all-wood version of my Chariot Race game! This is all made on the Glowforge with the exception of the dice and pegs.

Here are the parts that make up the box:


I haven’t yet mastered kerf adjustments, so this is all kiss-fit. (I didn’t mind the extra space as it made glueing pretty easy.) Curious: what type of adjustment do people typically make on the Glowforge? I also didn’t bother to make the fine adjustments needed to hide some of the edges of the laminate around the sides of the box (although the top does a fair job of hiding the top edges).

Here are the chariot boards. They’re each made of a different pairing of proofgrade woods:



The drawer for the pegs and chariot boards are accessed on one side of the box and the dice are stored on the other:




Box: baltic birch
Laminate: maple
Dice door and caltrops: walnut
Track inlay (corners and starting spaces): cherry
Track oval: basswood
Chariot pegboards: cherry, maple, and poplar

More photos at

All the parts:


Showing the drawer:


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