Playing with living hinges
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I was experimenting with living hinges today until I successfully made a 1x12 inch long strip that easily bent into a circle. Then I thought… hmmmm… what might be a simple use for that? A little math and some quick circles later and I had this dish. Figured it’d look nicer in acrylic. Turned out shockingly pretty. I was just going to use it as a place to put some of the little pieces of hardware I’m collecting but I think this one might need to go to someone with nicer things to put in it.

My measurements weren’t good enough for a pressure fit but a little acrylic glue did the trick.

The hinge was made with 1/8 inch clear cast acrylic. The cut lines were about 1.5mm apart. The bottom and top ring were 1/4 inch acrylic and I did two engraving passes to carve out the grooves.

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