Finally Finished - Advent Calendar Ferris Wheel
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Well, after 2 months worth of work (designing and cutting), here is the final product. I know some of you were getting a little impatient…It’s me, I was “some of you.” :wink:

You go through days 1-12 then turn the whole thing around and go through 13-24. I have also made actual seats to replace the boxes if you just want a ferris wheel. I haven’t run those yet. I am out of Draft Board. LOL


It stands a little over 2 feet high and is about 21inches wide at the base. The entire piece is made of 1/8" PG draft board and there is no glue, everything is completely snap together. The present boxes are 2.5" w (square) by 2.5" high and the lid rests on the arms that hold the boxes on the wheels.

I was able to re-engineer some pieces so the total count of individual pieces came to 390. I used 21 boards to print this. This was created on a GF Plus so I couldn’t run the whole circle of the wheels at once. I decided to break them up in 6 pieces. Mostly for aesthetics but also cause I could get 3 on a sheet. :slight_smile:

As I began putting it together I realized some things I will change before I release the file for purchase. I will also be including a step-by-step pdf to help everyone get it together. It doesn’t take long, but the axel with the bearings is a PITA.

It definitely was a labor of love. This one is for a Christmas present. I doubt I will make another one. LOL

** Forgot to mention, this is designed entirely in Illustrator.

Here are more pictures and a video of how it spins.










Hope everyone likes it and I hope you have a great Thursday!!!

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