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This is on ProofGrade 1/8" Maple Plywood, the same material that the award plaque is out of. The print time lasted 33 minutes for a 3 1/2 by 4 " photo holder with a living hinge. The bulk of the print was spent in a deep engraving that would hold the photo.

It was fine that the print was a half hour, that allowed me to start a live stream. I know folks were eager to learn that MakForge was back in business. There are printed instructions embeded in the design which makes me appreciate the challenge the Glowfolk had in front of them to have the design transparent over the image of the bed. I need to remember to read them, I hadn’t, so I assembled in backwards at first. Well, really, I was so interested in seeing the hinge flex that I did the finished side as the outside curve. The engraved side is a bit dark to appreciate the lines.

One thing to note is that you can import a graphic to put at the lower right and left hand corners, perhaps the stylized initials of the subject of the photo.

Here is a shot to show the contrast between the material that still has the mask on it and the weeded final, finished side of the piece. Note the soot. The masking totally prevents it. No need to do anything to the surface of the wood once the masking is off. Should have taken a pic of the space below the engraved box where the tab inserts before weeding. It was a pretty, sooty foot. Took the mask off and it was fine.

Here is the living hinge. There is a slight shadow cast by the ruler so the left side looks darker, but that is not smoke residue.

Here is the bent wooden hinge. It is solid. Nice radius to the bend. It bends easily to the width needed to place the spreader tab. I’m holding back on my desire to do some more hinges.

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