Black Cherry wedding invites and leather guest book
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Rochester, NY 
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One of my co-workers was getting married last year and she wanted to have some wood invites made from some of the trees on her farm. She designed these beautiful invites and her husband prepared all the wood blanks. I had the easy job of engraving them all.

I think the hardest part was keeping them from wrapping since they weren’t completely dry yet.
i had a few of the curl up while engraving.

I really love when something i work on gets submitted for awards because i get some really nice photos out of it :slight_smile:




She also had a leather guest book that she wanted to engrave. This one way a bit trickier since getting it to sit flat was a challenge. In the end i think i missed by about .25".

Which was just enough to just hit part of the binding which required a little super glue the hold it together. :frowning:



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