Puff's bane Puffett's first try
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I was struggling along with Puff till it just quit in the middle potentially ruining a nice piece of Cherry wood So I left it pinned to the Crumb tray and set out on the adventures of musical Glowforges and fun with disabilities.

So I finally got Puffette operational and tried to rum Puff’s last attempt, and things did not match up. As the Lion pendant was not a critical location thing I set it up without disturbing the previous setup and saw that the location accuracy still had a long way to go to reach what Puff was able to do and getting the full 3" of width on a 3" wide board was more than average critical.

I went back to the techniques I had used before and got it pretty close and then I polished it and oiled it as I had been doing with the pendants running the last sanding at 2000 grit and the result was pretty reasonable.





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