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Hi All!

Been a little while since I posted, thought I’d share the beginnings of a new series.
A couple years ago now I made a batch of dimensional paper wall sculptures for a gallery show here in Dallas, essentially prototypes for what I planned to eventually build in layered wood, care of TheSouthernOracle (my Pro). Exciting to finally see it happening!

While I’m gathering materials for my first tent setup at local art festivals, these are the start of a bigger Western series that will complement my 3D posters with red/blue glasses ( www.oldschool3d.com )… so two kind of dimensional work.

All built from layered 1/8" baltic birch, with custom wood hanging spacers that extend them to float off the wall 1/2" or so. The vulture is 28" wide, which required some jigsaw puzzle style cuts behind the body to connect and build out. From the wall spacer out to the head, there are a whopping 16 layers of birch, making it 2" thick all in all. So far I haven’t used the passthrough slot except to cut down my larger sheets of birch, but soon I’ll fiddle with some of the tactics you fine folks have shared in the forum for doing longer pieces.

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