Cutlery Drawer Insert
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My wife and I have had our glowforge for a while. We’ve made the standard ruler, and experimented with the proofgrade material. We knew at one point we wanted to make something bigger, something practical. My wife suggested a new cutlery tray to replace the big ugly plastic tray which our cutlery didn’t quite fit in. We made some tests out of cardboard. Here is our end result.

Beside our new glowforge, this project required a new toy, a band saw. I purchased some 4/4 poplar and cherry (10" and 9" widths) from our local hardwood dealer. I then took some time to get acquainted with our new band saw before I re-sawed the board, planed, and sanded them. At the end, our boards ended up being 0.32in thick. We cut and layered the boards, 6 layers of poplar and 1 layer of cherry on the top.

It took about a week of our time, but we were doing it after work and letting the glued layers dry over night. I added a oil finish to the cherry and everything got a few coats of spray lacquer for added protection. All in all, it looks great and fits the cutlery perfectly.

The only problem is that we now want to organized the remaining kitchen supplies to match.

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