Flight of the Phoenix
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That movie was just playing on cable…excellent film. (Both versions.) :grin:

I wanted to lose the tin can currently holding my art brushes, so I whipped up a little brush holder for them. (I guess I make a lot of brush holders, don’t I?)

Maple and Walnut Proofgrade plywood.

It has a few notches worked into the design that serve a purpose…I hate laying a wet brush down…they never dry correctly.

You could also use this to hold screwdrivers and wrenches or whatever you need to stand upright…if you don’t mind a phoenix motif. It might wind up holding tools - it’s large enough for it.

And I did a couple of alternate renditions…just to see which I liked better.

Here’s a blue PearlEx painted re-insert of the cutouts. (Kind of cool, the PearlEx was gathered up from the floor and mixed with wood glue and painted on…it made a nice domed effect with the glue.)

And this one is a little more subtle…I used maple veneer to cutout the shapes again and stuck them in the holes. It gives a deep “niche” effect to the maple.

So anyway, just some ideas for how to dress things up. :slightly_smiling_face:

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