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Dan S



Dan made holograms in high school and laser shows in college. He's built drones, furniture, and four companies, give or take. He's the inventor of Robot Turtles, the best-selling board game that teaches programming to preschoolers, and author of Hot Seat: The Startup CEO Guidebook. There's only one thing he enjoys more than creating with his Glowforge: playing games at home with his wife Leslie and their twelve year old twins.

(pronouns: he/him)

Mark G S



Mark did the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, firmware, and v1 software at the past two companies he founded. His last startup sold for $112M. He built a combination plasma torch, 3D printer, laser, & milling machine in his garage. For fun.

(pronouns: he/ him)

Michael N S


SVP of Software Engineering

Michael has made Terminators and T-Rexes for ILM. He’s worked on set-top boxes, early 3D for the web, and Adobe After Effects. Before Glowforge, he was the founding CTO of ChefSteps and led the software development teams for the Joule sous vide tool. He also wrote a cookbook that was nominated for a James Beard award.

(pronouns: he/ him)

Therese S


Chief of Staff

Therese knows how to handle microorganisms thanks to a PhD in molecular biology. Yet, she couldn’t avoid catching the start up bug and has been guiding growth in innovative companies ever since. An Aussie native and a sailor, she’s known for her colorful colloquialisms that both delight and perplex colleagues. When she’s not leading teams to success, you’ll find her adventuring with her spirited beagle.

(pronouns: she/ her) (pronounced: "ter-Reese")

megan L


General Counsel/ CHRO

Megan joins Glowforge with a wide variety of in-house legal experience ranging from Fortune 500 international companies, to national finance organizations, to fast-paced tech start-ups. She has led best in class legal teams and has been recognized for her leadership in the legal community by SimpleLegal, Leaders in Tech, and Women, Influence & Power in Law. She loves to bring legal to the table to partner with stakeholders to find business solutions -- and to show lawyers can be fun too :)

(pronouns: she/ her)

Rebekah Headshot


SVP of Product and Marketing

Rebekah is a product leader, entrepreneur, writer and artist. Before coming to Glowforge, she founded social timeline platform, OwnTrail, which was acquired by Teal, and spent 15 years at Zillow, with roles including VP of product and VP of community & culture. She lives in Seattle with her husband and two boys, and loves creating things!

(pronouns: she/her)

jim butler


VP of Financial Planning and Analysis

Jim has spent his finance career with tech companies of all sizes, helping them to make better decisions and achieve their business objectives. A long-time resident of San Diego, he spends his free time at the beach with his family stand-up-paddleboarding and eating fish tacos.

(pronouns: he/ him)



Director of Finance

Jay has a background in accounting and a passion for building the financial picture of a company and driving thoughtful analysis and insights. He’s been through two successful tech company exits, and Glowforge will be his 3rd startup. He’s an avid reader and can’t seem to escape the sci-fi genre, as much as he tries. He’s also an outdoor enthusiast and quite obsessed with his young, four legged, goofball pup.

(pronouns: he/ him)

Tjaard Zwaagstra


SVP of Global Operations

Tjaard brings experiences from various industries, with industrialization, supply chain management and transformation – from startups to multi-billion consumer electronics and medical device manufacturers. Tjaard was born and raised in the Netherlands. He is a proud dad of two grown daughters and his teenaged grandson. You can run into Tjaard on his bike, a hike, or a ski-tour, together with his wife Gabi. Tjaard is passionate about personal transformation and practicing Authentic Power.

(pronouns: he/him) (pronounced: Chard)

Cait Headshot


Head of Customer Success

Caitlyn’s heart is always in San Francisco, where she’s spent most of her life. Motivated by connecting with teams, she has built her career supporting a variety of tech companies like Jawbone and Tonal. In her free time, you can find her traveling, reading, watching movies, and spending time with friends. She’s also the go-to sitter for many plants, pets, and little ones of her chosen family.

(pronouns: she/her)

Matt S


Software Engineer

Matt is a maker, tinkerer, and veteran of Apple and Evernote. His work has earned an Apple Design Award and two Maker Faire Editor’s Choice Awards. He is also a world-ranked competitive pinball player.

(pronouns: he/him)

bailey nelson


Marketing Manager

Bailey drove Disneyland submarines, sold cupcakes, and landed national media hits at a PR agency before joining the startup world via fitness tech company EveryMove. She’s a major dog person, a craft beer enthusiast, and has a half-dozen half-marathons under her belt.

(pronouns: she/her)

jonathan park


Software Architect

Jonathan has been building UI for web applications going on a decade, and has a passion for making great user experiences. When he isn’t making lives better with code, he cooks, and plays games, with family, and friends.

Bill Marty


Electrical Engineer

Bill enjoys traveling the takenroad. He’s a husband, father of 2, engineer, recumbent biker, idea guy, raconteur. Bill has pedaled enough miles to circle the globe twice, and thinks that ‘bent is the only way to ride. A glass of iced tea and a good book make him happy.

Miriam Shoemaker 2


Manager, People Operations and Recruiting

Miriam is a Texas native (hook ‘em!) who has lived in London, Washington, D.C., Brooklyn, Seattle and Santa Barbara. Wherever she has lived, she has a passion for building communnity and connecting people.

(pronouns: she/ her)

Doug CropSS


Mechanical Engineer

Doug is a Mechanical Engineer who has been working in the robotics field in one form or another for more than 10 years. He’s designed and built 3D printing robotic arms, soccer playing humanoids, and a line of sophisticated robotic toys. Doug is an avid skier and hiker, and loves getting into the mountains with his family.

(pronouns: he/him)



Technician, Manufacturing

Andrea is an avid maker and electronics tinkerer. Most evenings she can be found at her workbench repairing family and friend's electronics or taking them apart further to create new and interesting creations. On weekends she enjoys exploring the mountains of the PNW with her boyfriend.

Minerva Crop S2


Manufacturing Manager

Minerva is an Industrial Engineer who has spent more than 7 years working in the manufacturing industry and continuous improvement projects. She loves to go to the beach, watch movies and spend time with her husband.

Stuart Crop S


Software Engineer

Stuart is someone who is curious about just about everything: people, places, things, and how these shape each other. For better or worse, this means he loves to try out all the things to understand them and the people involved with them better. As examples, he is a novice Flamenco dancer and fairly good cook. He personally believes he may have a cookbook problem, but since one of his mottos is “feed friends!”, none of his friends or family seem willing to kick off an intervention. He was drawn to Glowforge because of how it enables artists to do cooler things in their own mediums. He hopes to be continually surprised and inspired by the way folk express themselves using our product!

(pronouns: ze/zem or he/him)

Dustin S


Assistant Operations Controller

Dustin is a PNW native, who has worked as an accountant throughout Portland and Seattle in industries such as retail, manufacturing, and advertising. You can often find him working on his 1920's craftsman in West Seattle, watching basketball or backpacking in the mountains

Jason B S


Electrical Engineer

Jason has bounced up and down the West Coast and, in his past life, spent several years building and breaking electric skateboards at Boosted in San Francisco. Outside of work, Jason spends most of his time social dancing (mostly west coast swing) or playing very nerdy games.

(pronouns: he/him)



Factory Program Manager

Alex was born and raised in Mexico, he is a mechatronic engineer who found Supply Chain was his true passion. He´s been working the past 7 years on most of the chain links, from component distribution to CM´s and OEM´s. As a fun fact, Alex was involved with Glowforge since his past job, the same week the very 1st Glowforge was shipped to a customer, he joined the project and he fell in love with it. He loves a good pun, a great beer and a nice book with the appropriate background music (most likely rock). We he´s not bugging suppliers, his major joy is spending time and cooking for his artist wife Celeste and his 2 pug-schnauzers beasts, Cleto and Trufa. He’s a huge Star Wars fan that always wishes that The Force be with all of us.

Andy Siff 2019


Customer Success

Andy has spent the last few years helping to bring people together to discover extraordinary films from around the world. Favorite film is Star Wars (original trilogy), Favorite ice cream - Peppermint, Favorite drink - London Fog.

(pronouns: she/ her)



Technical Support Engineer

Jeremy loves empowering small business owners through technology and it’s one of the reasons he’s a Glowfolk! With a background in Architecture, he loves to tinker with design programs and is a big fan of minimalism. Originally a New Yorker who spent some time in San Diego, he now calls Denver Home. Outside of work hours, you can find Jeremy skiing, climbing, mountain biking, trail running, or hanging out with his dog Moana!

(pronouns: he/him)



Software Engineer

Melissa is a front end developer who loves creating delightful user interfaces. While she prefers the front end, she’s spent time creating games and android apps as well! When she’s not coding, you can find her playing DnD with her friends.

(pronouns: she/ her)



Inside Sales Manager

Brett has an extensive background in tech and sales. He has always found great personal enjoyment helping others discover and leverage top technology. He loves spending outdoors time with his family. Baseball and biking have had to make room recently for drone flying, fishing, and metal detecting!

(pronouns: he/ him)

Justin Choo


Software Engineer

I'm a software engineer who loves to collaborate with great teams to build quality products. As a LA native, I often hike or go to beaches, but I do look forward to snowboarding or just having a warm cup of coffee in Seattle's rain. I also enjoy traveling, playing games, and cooking delicious Korean food

(pronouns: he/him)



Sales Operations Manager

Corinne started her career in radio, helping to build out the national sales operations team at iHeartRadio for the past 6 years. A Chicago native, she graduated from University of Iowa (Go Hawks!) and then moved to NYC for an internship in Talent Management before returning to Chicago and joining iHeartRadio. She has a passion for iced coffee, fantasy football (3-time League Champ), and politics, and her favorite place in the world is Door County, Wisconsin. Outside of work, Corinne loves to golf, paddle board, and spend time with family – being the youngest of four, she cannot wait to FINALLY become an Aunt this spring!

(pronouns: she/ her)

kyla thompson


Inside Sales Associate

Coming from a family of makers, with experience in the hospitality industry and the fine art field, Kyla is delighted to find herself at this nexus of creativity and innovation. A native Seattleite, she loves to celebrate everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer, whether it be by backpacking in the mountains or cooking eclectic dishes with local ingredients.

(pronouns: she/ her)



Business Systems Analyst

From studying engineering and philosophy in college to managing business systems today, Darryle loves applying logic to provide solutions. As a native California resident who’s recently made a move to Utah, he’s excited to see all that his new state has to offer and really dig into some of his favorite hobbies (skiing, camping, off-roading).

(pronouns: he/ him)

Crystal Bordeaux


Accounting Manager

Crystal was born and raised in Michigan, but has been in Seattle since 2016. She has several years of experience in public accounting across a variety of industries and is excited to bring her insights to Glowforge! When not working, she enjoys traveling, eating, binge watching reality TV, and spending time with her boyfriend and cat.

(pronouns: she/ her)

natalie m


Sales Account Manager

Natalie is a life-long maker with a background in educational fundraising and small business management. She is all about making personal connections and helping others succeed. In her spare time, she loves to be with her family, read, paint, bake, and tinker around in the garage.

(pronouns: she/ her)

brian s


Technical Support Engineer

Brian is a Midwest transplant who has called Seattle home for the last 15 years. He has spent his career in customer-facing technical engineering and support roles; from elevators to ATMs (ask him about traveling to Antarctica) and his last stint was at a startup in the drone industry. When not working you can find Brian in his studio making music, building/repairing synthesizers and drum machines, traveling the world, as well as hiking and camping across the PacNW.

(pronouns: he/ him)

michelle H


Head of Product Marketing + Brand Communications

Michelle comes to Glowforge with more than two decades of experience as a litigation paralegal. She's a certified mediator and values solution-oriented and relationship-focused approaches to legal practice. Outside of work, Michelle is an author, a foodie, a yogi, a live music enthusiast, and an incorrigible hoarder of houseplants, books, and memes.

(pronouns: she/ her)

josh martin


Inside Sales Manager

Josh is a gadget geek who got into 3D printing over ten years ago, building his first machine and becoming obsessed with the ability to create anything he needed. Now he is sharing that same passion with people looking to start or grow their businesses. Outside of work, Josh loves to play Fortnite with his kids, take pictures with his Nikon, and hunt estate sale deals.

(pronouns: he/ him)



Senior Manager, Technical Support

For her, it’s the full customer “Experience”! She has a passion for leading great teams and creating a seamless experience for customers at every turn. With over 15 years of customer support and training experience, She has had the honor to serve in leadership for the last 10! Over the past few years She has used her passion for change to drive company initiatives by creating and leading ERGs (Employee resource groups), and partnering in various capacities to take initiative and action in all areas of D&I especially for BIPOC.

When She isn't slaying metric driven dragons she enjoys crafting (no limit here) and spending time with her 2 children, husband, and dog traveling! She is excited to be the first Glowforger on the eastern coast, located in the DMV (DC, Maryland,Virginia) She loves all things seafood, particularly Maryland style blue crabs.



Accounts Receivable Specialist

Beatriz was born in Argentina, lived all over the US west coast and settled near Denver, CO. She has a husband, two kids, and two spoiled dogs. She loves spending her free time pursuing photography and other creative hobbies.



Manufacturing Test Engineer

While Jacob’s professional career has been forged in aerospace, art has always been a large part of his life. Currently developing his woodworking skills, Jacob has explored many mediums for his artistic expression. By merging creativity with a technical background, there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

Miles Headshot


Global Sourcing

Principal Global Sourcing Manager Experienced in consumer and medical products, from factory to new product launches. Over the past 7 years I transitioned to procurement where business and engineering worlds collide. I'm passionate about working on products I connect with and just find "cool".

I'm a first generation half-Korean living in Seattle with my wife and dog Lucky. My hobbies include having new experiences and now making things with Glowforge!

(pronouns: he/him)

Kate Pic


People Operations

Meet Kate, a spirited Washington native who has spent the last decade thriving in the vibrant heart of Seattle. With her passionate zest for human connection, she uncovered her true calling in people operations, transforming her love for teamwork into a fulfilling career in human resources. Beyond the office, Kate's enthusiasm knows no bounds—she's a live event aficionado, always on the lookout for the next comedy show, live music gig, or thrilling sporting event to immerse herself in.


Lex Headshot


Associate Staff Accountant

Lex has lived in Washington her entire life and only briefly lived in Oregon when she attended George Fox University. She comes with several years of accounting experience both in bookkeeping and public accounting. She also recently got engaged to her high school sweetheart, Reagan, and they will be getting married in August 2022. In her free time she enjoys tackling home DIY projects with her fiance, creating personalized gifts on her cricut and taking their chocolate lab on adventures.

Drew Headshot


Operational Excellence & PMO Leader

Drew is passionate about finding new ways to improve how businesses operate and serve their customers. On a quest to continuously learn, Drew has made stops in manufacturing, quality and engineering. He’s problem-solved everything from potato chips to car engines, and is eager to dig into the world of 3-D printing at Glowforge. He is happiest in nature - especially out fishing or camping with his family - and loves a good dad joke.

Tyler Headshot


Social Media Manager

Tyler has spent most of his career within the paid social marketing world, building full advertising funnels for small and large companies. He is passionate about being a connector and a constant learner. Fun fact: he has a pet tortoise named Leonidas.

Lauren Headshot


Education Account Manager

Lauren comes to Glowforge with a background in facilitating STEAM learning opportunities across the curriculum in K-12 schools. Seeing first hand the agency and joy making brings to students she is excited to continue this work with Glowforge. She enjoys visiting the beach in her hometown in NJ with her husband and 10 year old twins.

Dawn Jones Headshot


Education Account Manager

Dawn comes to Glowforge with over 15 years of experience in K12 education as a classroom teacher and then an instructional technology coach. Creating, designing, and implementing technology in curriculum and instruction provides students amazing opportunities for deeper learning. Dawn was one of the first 600 International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) Certified Teachers and is also a Google Certified Trainer. In 2019, Dawn gave a Tedx Talk on the courage to change lanes. Now, she is ready to change lanes and continue her passion for EdTech in K12 with Glowforge joining the EDU Team.

Shea headshot


Marketing Project Manager

Shea is a native Texan, native maker. She comes from working in the Austin tech and music festival scenes, and loves working alongside creative people to build ideas into reality. She loves to get her hands in it, if it’s pottery, home repair, or a fun DIY.

(Pronouns: she/her)

Matt leaverton headshot


Senior Software Engineer

Matt has spent recent years building software frameworks for automated hardware testing of VR headsets and implantable medical devices. Matt enjoys reading (fantasy, sci-fi, and a smattering of romance), eating (macarons if possible), project-ing (software, electronics, music, or woodworking), and adventuring with his family

(pronouns: he/him)

Mike Headshot


Principal Operations Program Manager

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and over 20 years of experience in the electro-mechanical and controls manufacturing arena, Mike brings a unique skillset to Glowforge. His diverse background includes managing the design and production of systems for aerospace flight actuation, medical mechatronics, and automated restaurant equipment. He enjoys leveraging these experiences by participating in Design Reviews and Continuous Improvement activities addressing any function of a manufacturing organization. He was born and raised in the Midwest (Chicagoland), but currently resides in Northern California with his wife and 12 year old daughter. When not restoring classic cars in the garage, he enjoys exploring the Sierra Nevada Mountains with his family or volunteering backstage on the “tech crew” for his local theater.

Stephen Headshot


Hardware Technician

I am a Texas native that has always been intrigued and fascinated by electronics since the early ‘80s (Thanks Atari and Star Wars!). I earned a degree in Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology and then worked at a couple of electronics manufacturing companies. My wife and I relocated to Seattle about a year and a half ago.

I enjoy being outside, going to sporting events, baking, building Lego sets with my two kids and playing video games.

Afaq Headshot


Senior Manager, Platform Engineering

Afaq started his career in the datacenter industry and spent his spare time tinkering with the Linux filesystem. He has spent the last decade operationalizing and scaling software systems and teams which power world-class web products. When he is not writing build-tools, you can find him playing games with his 3 endlessly curious children.

Luke Andrews Headshot


Inside Sales Manager

Luke is a Chicago native and currently in the great state of Tennessee! He has worked with multiple teams from both large and small companies. Luke is excited to help people from all walks of life be able to create magic the Glowforge offers. Outside of work, Luke loves to play and watch sports, workout, and spend time with his family and girlfriend Amanda.

Rebecca Headshot


Higher Education Account Manager

Rebecca is a Cleveland transplant and spent most of her career in higher education advancement. She loves working with people to help them achieve their goals, especially when it includes creating something they are passionate about. She can't start the day without her nespresso machine and enjoys painting, taking walks with her family, and traveling.

Dan CropS


Product Manager

Dan sails, hikes, and dives into sci-fi & fantasy realms. He brings the same spirit of exploration to the world of product development and you can find him blending his passion for adventure and technology alongside his trusty typing co-pilots -the cats.

(pronouns: he/him)

Drew Elder Headshot


Warehouse Manager

Originally from Southern California, Drew moved to Washington in 2019 and has loved it ever since. Depending on the season you can find him on the slopes, in the forest, or build crafting World of Warcraft characters with a mug of coffee in front of him. Drew has a passion for cleanliness, organization, efficiency, and realistic human solutions to problems. With experience in customer service, human resource, inventory management, and logistics Drew loves new opportunities for knowledge and growth.

Shelby Headshot


Email Marketing Manager

Shelby is a DIY enthusiast and all-around maker. Starting off in her mom's quilt store, she dove into everything from sewing to design. While helping run the show, she fell in love with digital marketing, That journey led to specializing in email marketing.

Before joining Glowforge I spent time at Cricut and Silhouette. In my free time, you can find me on a bike ride with my family, hiking or skiing and lastly enjoying all the sweets - candy is her absolute fav!

Cat Headshot


Inventory Control Coordinator

Cat comes to Glowforge with a decade of Inventory Control experience in the healthcare, industrial, and retail sectors. She has done everything from cycle counts to shipping & receiving, but most enjoys digging into inventory data looking for solutions. Outside of work she runs an anime convention, plays D&D every week, and takes too many photos of her cat.



Customer Success

Oscar has worked in the Customer service field for 10+ years, working for various different companies where he helped with the customer and team support. Texas-born, Oscar was raised by his grandparents in Mexico where he spent the majority of his childhood, giving him a unique outlook on life. Hobbies include; Collecting pokemon, and traveling back home to see my family in Nebraska!

Elena Headshot


Inside Sales Manager

Elena comes to Glowforge having worked in international humanitarian development, sales and product roles at startups, and venture capital. She has lived in Iraq, Morocco, Yemen, Turkey, South Sudan, and DR Congo. She loves cooking, A24 movies, hanging out with her pup, trying out new hobbies, and game nights. Elena is a California native, currently living in Oklahoma.

Yelena Headshot


Accounts Payable Clerk

Yelena brings a wealth of experience to GlowForge as an accounts payable specialist, having spent most of her life in Washington state mastering her skills. Before joining our team, she expertly managed both accounts payable and help desk support, demonstrating her versatility and dedication. Outside of work, Yelena delights in spending time with her husband and three children, whether they're hiking, exploring new places, or simply relaxing together. Her dedication to both her professional responsibilities and personal life enriches our team.

Jesse Headshot


Sr. Retail Sales Manager

Jesse brings over 15 years of B2B retail sales and relationship management experience. He enjoys working with people and finding win-wins! He has worked in the DIY and personalization market for companies such as Sawgrass and Silhouette and enjoys seeing customers use their machines in ways that the manufacturers never imagined. His favorite activities are spending time with his family outdoors, watching a good movie, and taking a motorcycle ride up the canyon with his wife.

We love to make things.

We’re lucky to have access to variety of maker tools: laser cutters, 3d printers, woodworking tools, sewing machines, metalworking equipment, and paper cutting machines. We’ve grown up on lathes, x-acto knives, CNC mills, and drill presses. We learned to create with pen and paper, Autocad, Sketchup, crayons, graph paper, scissors, and imagination.

Now it’s our turn to build something to give back. We hope you’ll be as excited about it as we are.