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Dan shapiro



Dan sold his last company to Google. His last side project was Robot Turtles, the best-selling board game in Kickstarter history. He builds drones, authored Hot Seat: The Startup CEO Guidebook, and his ten year old twins regularly beat him at the game Werewolf.

(pronouns: he/him)

Mark gosselin



Mark did the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, firmware, and v1 software at the past two companies he founded. His last startup sold for $112M. He built a combination plasma torch, 3D printer, laser, & milling machine in his garage. For fun.

Nate s


Chief Operating Officer

Nate’s is a veteran of Tech having worked in some exciting industries such as Mobile, Gaming, Computing, EV, Wireless Hi-Fi and IoT in roles ranging from data entry analyst to CEO. When not working, Nate is home listening to Halsey with his daughter or Troye Sivan with his son, rescuing pinnipeds from the coasts of Santa Barbara with his partner/wife or is chilling by the Göta Canal in Sweden hoping to catch a nice perch or pike.

Renuka crop s


Chief Financial Officer

Renuka is passionate about discovering the story behind the numbers. She has over 25 years of operational finance experience in public and private companies, in a variety of industries. She was born and raised in Singapore but has spent all her tax paying years in the US, and recently relocated from Orange County, CA. Renuka likes to plan exotic vacations with her husband and 2 daughters but is equally satisfied with a good book and lots of chocolate. She dislikes driving so is really excited about public transportation in Seattle.

Michael natkin s


VP, Software Engineering

Michael has made Terminators and T-Rexes for ILM. He’s worked on set-top boxes, early 3D for the web, and Adobe After Effects. Before Glowforge, he was the founding CTO of ChefSteps and led the software development teams for the Joule sous vide tool. He also wrote a cookbook that was nominated for a James Beard award.

Mark s s


SVP of Sales and Business Development

Mark has been working in the startup world for many years. A few of his adventures include Flip Video (bought by Cisco), Dropcam (bought by Google) and most recently Vimeo (an IAC subsidiary). When not traveling around the country / world helping grow businesses, Mark enjoys spending time with his family golfing, skiing, and cooking on his Big Green Egg!

Harsh website


VP of Quality and Manufacturing

Harsh is a seasoned quality and manufacturing guy with extensive experience and a proven track record in continuous improvement, managing multi-site operations and leading quality and reliability engineering teams for wireless, optoelectronic communications and electro-mechanical consumer product industries. He is passionate about improving quality, reliability and productivity using quantitative techniques and focusing on processes. When not traveling for work on weekends, Harsh loves to golf, go on walks/hikes with his family including their 2 year old Golden Retriever.

Scott haug


Software Architect

Scott spent over a decade shipping software at various Seattle startups before doing a 4 year tour at Google. He still finds time to go to all his kids’ soccer games, despite not really understanding the rules.

Dean putney


Software Engineer

Dean was the lead developer at BoingBoing for the past five years and consulted with clients like IDEO and Reddit. He published his great-grandfather’s photo album on Kickstarter where it became a bestseller and was featured in the Carnegie Museum of Art.

(pronouns: he/him)

Matt sarnoff


Software Engineer

Matt is a maker, tinkerer, and veteran of Apple and Evernote. His work has earned an Apple Design Award and two Maker Faire Editor’s Choice Awards. He is also a world-ranked competitive pinball player.

(pronouns: he/him)

Bailey nelson


Marketing Manager

Bailey drove Disneyland submarines, sold cupcakes, and landed national media hits at a PR agency before joining the startup world via fitness tech company EveryMove. She’s a major dog person, a craft beer enthusiast, and has a half-dozen half-marathons under her belt.

(pronouns: she/her)

Jason rodman


Mechanical Commodity Manager

Jason has spent his life building hardware products spanning from agricultural equipment to aerospace; kitchen gadgets to electric motorcycles. When not building Glowforge, he enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking and spending time with his rad wife and toddler.

Kevin mcvey


Software Engineer

Kevin has contributed code to projects as diverse as Amazon Underground and the Mars rover Curiosity. His tinkering nearly got him expelled from high-school when he started his own country – he later gave a TEDx talk about it and the UN never wrote him back.

(pronouns: he/him)

Linden wright


Software Engineer

Linden has created software for diverse fields from ocean security to agriculture, developing an eye for great user experiences. She plays board and video games or practices parkour in her free time, but also dabbles in aquaria, climbing, and art.

(pronouns: she/her)

Rachael ludwick


Software Engineer

Rachael has shipped software in fields as diverse as online retail, credit card processing, and mobile messaging services, most recently at Amazon. She enjoys the befuddling things her toddler says, cooking, running (half marathon finally!) and getting distracted by new things.

(pronouns: they/she)

Nick taylor


Content Designer

Nick has spent the last 12 years completing hundreds of projects including custom headphones, bespoke bicycles, desktop furniture, and lighting. Before joining Glowforge, Nick spent 5 years at Apple and ran his own company making artisanal leather goods.

Shell meggersee


Content Designer

Shell has worked in film, TV and video games, bringing everything from giant 3D monsters to well-known cartoon characters to life. At night, you might find her designing anything from vinyl toys to couture bedding fabric to intricate wedding invitations.

(pronouns: she/her)

Jonathan park


Software Engineer

Jonathan has been building UI for web applications going on a decade, and has a passion for making great user experiences. When he isn’t making lives better with code, he cooks, and plays games, with family, and friends.

Rita conley


Head of Customer Success

Rita has pursued questions like, “How do you get a group of people to work well together?” and “What really pleases customers?” in a 20-year search that’s led from startups to management consulting and back again. She can be found synthesizing ideas by organizing sticky notes on walls, exploring new crafts, or watching birds. Her dog has the magical gift of getting cuter every day.

(pronouns: she/her)

Daniel martinec


Software Engineer

Daniel helped build HoloLens from the early prototypes to the final ID. He worked on Bing Maps and Photosynth. Daniel has a PhD in computer vision. He loves anything outdoors, especially trail running and backpacking.

Karin rodriguez



Karin is a Seattle native and has over 13 years of experience in technology recruiting. Glowforge is her fourth startup and most recently moved from to join Glowforge as our Lead Recruiter. Outside of work, Karin spends her time reading, cooking and traveling the world with her husband and two children.

(pronouns: she/her)

Stephanie sears


Office Assistant

While Stephanie’s background is in managing classrooms as an elementary school teacher, she is now applying those skills to help manage the fast-paced office environment at Glowforge. She loves backpacking and camping with her husband and two dogs, cooking new vegan dishes at home, and living downtown and taking in all Seattle has to offer.

(pronouns: she/her)

Jon tait beason


Software Engineer

Jazbo is a iOS Developer and one of Swift’s biggest fans. He enjoys building apps and helping others in an iOS Developers community he helps to run. When he is not exploring the iOS ecosystem, he spends his time playing soccer, hanging out with his family, and exploring the outdoors.

Megan boyd


HR Business Partner

Megan was born and raised in Seattle. She graduated from Gonzaga University and is a die hard Zag fan. She has worked for local Seattle companies, Nordstrom, Glassybaby and tech start up, Porch. She enjoys exploring the city, cooking, tennis and spending time with friends and family. Also an avid dog lover.

(pronouns: she/her)

Marlo struve


Director of Growth

Marlo loves talking to people (grocery store clerks are among her favorite!) and uses this chatty obsession to build great products for customers and build great teams that love working together. Formerly with ReplyYes, Homejoy, and the Japanese tech giant Hitachi, Marlo now spends her time building the Glowforge catalog. While not forging, Marlo helps connect others to the greater Seattle community through the nonprofit, Seattle Works.

(pronouns: she/her)

Aisha halim


Software Engineer

Aisha kicked off a career in software engineering after taking an intro CS class on whim (realizing programming made her happy), and the Chicago tech community catalyzed the rest. She likes coffee and watching television with her cat.

(pronouns: she/her)

Willow s


Supply Chain Manager

Willow has over 5 years of experience in the world of high volume manufacturing, inventory management, and financial planning. In her spare time, you may find her curled up next to her two wonderful Bengal brothers (Rufio & Bastian) and her husband watching a scary movie or taking a brisk walk around Green Lake.

Emily iser


Software Development Manager

Emily’s passion is creating intuitive and polished User Interfaces. She did a 6 year stint at Amazon as a full stack developer but was always happiest working on the front end. Outside of work she loves to cook, walk around Seattle and cuddle with her dog Pixel. Oh and her husband of course!

Robin mumm



Robin is excited to join the Glowforge team. He was born and raised in the Seattle area. He enjoys skiing and snowboarding and is willing to give free lessons to anyone who is looking to pick up the sport. Robin also enjoys tinkering with electronics, he once built a plasma speaker.

Samia walker



Samia recently graduated from Washington State University with a degree in accounting. This is her first experience working with a startup. When not counting beans she loves to travel, attend concerts, and hang out with her friends. Samia is fluent in Spanish and thinks her dog Diego is really cute.

Bill marty


Electrical Engineer

Bill enjoys traveling the takenroad. He’s a husband, father of 2, engineer, recumbent biker, idea guy, raconteur. Bill has pedaled enough miles to circle the globe, and thinks that ‘bent is the only way to ride. A glass of iced tea and a good book make him happy.

Avishek shrestha


Program Manager, Manufacturing Software

Avishek thinks two colliding galaxies he once photographed look calm. Besides creating abstract art pieces influenced by elegant realities as such, his experience includes research on 3D printed metals. He enjoys hiking and canoeing with friends.

Dan crops


Product Manager

Dan works to make meaning in the work he does, and with the teams and people he interacts with. Starting his career teaching English in Tanzania, he then went to university and began researching the business of alternative agriculture and fuels. Dan is an avid hiker, cooks with insects, and will happily travel anywhere. 

(pronouns: he/him)

Jaz 2


Manufacturing Engineer

Jaz was born and raised in Honolulu, HI. Her background is in mechanical engineering. She loves sewing, drawing, and helping people feel empowered through technology. In her spare time, she is either curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee or prototyping an affordable epinephrine auto-injector.

Karin hongladarom 2



Karin has a passion for connecting great people with jobs they’ll love. She spent the last 8 years living up and down the California coast before moving to Seattle. While she is a Seattle native, Karin feels at home all over the world - in her most recent adventure, she backpacked through South America and worked as a farmhand in Argentina.¡Olé!

(pronouns: she/her)

Michael goldblatt


IT Manager

Michael graduated from Rutgers with a degree in English, so naturally he started working in IT. Michael loves biking, reading, a good pun, playing with his dog and smoking a variety of meats. Also eating any and all of the amazing baked goods his wife makes.

Jeffrey huynh


Glowforge Technician

Jeff has a passion for hardware, whether it is on a construction site or in a machine shop. He loves being part of a team and helping others tackle projects large and small. When he is not working, Jeff likes to go hiking with his wife and two golden retrievers followed by ice cream.

(pronouns: he/him)

Reena sawkar


Logistics Manager

Reena is an experienced Supply Chain professional in both Forward and Reverse Logistics. She enjoys challenges and brings a can-do attitude every day. For Reena, family comes first: she enjoys spending time with her husband and son. During her spare time she enjoys cooking, baking and company of friends.

Jaime toyoda



Jaime was born and raised in the Seattle area. She most recently was a partner working in the accounting department at Starbucks. You can often find her smashing softballs on Capitol Hill, hiking the trails of the PNW, headed to a concert, or setting out on her next big road trip.

Jenny chen


Program Manager, Hardware

Jenny has worked in the New Product Introduction (NPI), business for 20 years. As a senior program manager at Microsoft, she led major Surface program launches. One of Jenny's biggest hobbies is photography, she invites adventure and traveling while admiring nature's beauty.

(pronouns: she/her)

Jae lee


Technical Customer Success Manager

Jae is passionate about helping people and fixing things. She writes frequently about tech, leadership, and customer success. Her articles can be found on Forbes, Inc, and Time, among other sites. At home, she and her wife juggle three cats, two dogs, and craft projects galore.

(pronuns: she/her)

Bryson steadman


Software Engineer

Bryson has always enjoyed building things in both the physical and digital world. He has worked on monitoring software for industrial machinery, an enterprise mobile app platform, and an advertising publisher platform. In his spare time, he likes to ride his bicycle, brew beer, and cobble together electronics projects.

(pronouns: he/him)

Miriam shoemaker 2


People Operations Coordinator

Miriam is a Texas native (hook ‘em!) who has lived in London, Washington, D.C., Brooklyn, and now Seattle... where she plans to stay put. Wherever she has lived, she's had a passion for connecting and communicating with people. Her passion for people carries through to her love of being apart of the People Ops team at Glowforge!

(pronouns: she/ her)

Semhar negassa


Customer Success

Semhar (phonetic pronunciation) was born in Ethiopia and spent her childhood across five African countries before settling in the Pacific Northwest. This unique experience has shaped her perspective and sparked her desire in getting to know and help people. As a UW alum (Go Dawgs!) she is proud to call Seattle home.



Product Manager

Penelope is fresh out of school with a materials engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University. Over the last two years, she crafted a 19 foot solar-powered racing boat and recently placed third in a national competition! She enjoys middle-distance running and making electronic art.

(pronouns: she/ her)

Vee crops


Technical Support Engineer

Vee lives for the challenges of creative innovation and is dedicated to bridging the gaps between new tech and its users. In her free time, she can be found working on her next novel, writing essays about media culture, and developing collaborative software for creators… at least, whenever her cat isn’t sitting on the keyboard.

(pronouns: she/ her)

Michelle crops


Documentation Control Specialist

Cindy has been doing Configuration Management for as long as she can remember. She’s helped document everything from semi-conductor capital equipment to data centers to retail consumer electronics. Being a part of Glowforge in the PNW lets Cindy combine her love of the outdoors with her love of crafting.

Colin crops


Director, Hardware Engineering

Colin has built compelling products with talented teams all around the West. Highlights include crafting headphones in a ski-town with Skullcandy, developing world-class attractions as an Imagineer and shipping a plethora of droids with Sphero in Colorado. He and his family are keen on enjoying the ride and living life to its fullest.

(pronouns: he/him)

Rachel crops


Mechanical Engineer

Rachel loves the challenge of designing beautiful products that combine function, aesthetics, and usability. Previously, she’s worked in the bicycle and snowboard industries. When she’s not playing in the mountains, she can be found biking the city, enjoying great beer, or inspiring the next generation of female engineers.

(pronouns: she/her)

Bonny crops


Product Manager

Bonny has spent the last 12+ years in various product management roles at Google, Microsoft, and most recently Zillow. She's worked on two operating systems, a search engine, a messaging app, a real estate marketplace and a few other things in between. She loves to travel off the beaten path with her husband and geek out on board games on rainy Seattle days.

Doug cropss


Mechanical Engineer

Doug is a Mechanical Engineer who has been working in the robotics field in one form or another for more than 10 years. He’s designed and built 3D printing robotic arms, soccer playing humanoids, and a line of sophisticated robotic toys. Doug is an avid skier and hiker, and loves getting into the mountains with his family.

(pronouns: he/him)

Pip crops

Pip Science

Technical Support Engineer, Customer Success

Pip aspires to be an autodidact polymath. You might find him tending his garden, in his workshop, or YouTube-splunking. He is skilled at facilitating communication between regular people and engineers. He really loves science.

(pronouns: he/him)

Duncan crops


Software Development Engineer in Test

Duncan has helped bring to market a variety of products from robotic toys to avalanche safety equipment for backcountry skiing. When he's not nerding out, he likes to jet ski, bike, and cook tasty things.

(pronouns: he/him)

John eze s


Production Planning and Order Management

John recently graduated with a degree in Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management from Western Washington University. He has a love for futuristic products that seem like they came straight out of a sci-fi movie. When not at work, he can be found riding his electric skateboard around town, or snuggling with his cat that he's allergic to.

Nick w s


Electrical Engineer

Nick has designed electronics for military dataloggers, industrial process equipment, avalanche beacons, BLE enabled toys and humanoid robots. When not letting the white smoke out of prototypes he can be found reading or in any location hosting a trivia night.

(pronouns: he/him)

Andrea crop s


Technician, Manufacturing

Andrea is an avid maker and electronics tinkerer. Most evenings she can be found at her workbench repairing family and friend's electronics or taking them apart further to create new and interesting creations. On weekends she enjoys exploring the mountains of the PNW with her boyfriend.

Minerva crop s2


Manufacturing Manager

Minerva is an Industrial Engineer who has spent more than 7 years working in the manufacturing industry and continuous improvement projects. She loves to go to the beach, watch movies and spend time with her husband.



Director of Finance

Jay has a background in accounting and a passion for building the financial picture of a company and driving thoughtful analysis and insights. He’s been through two successful tech company exits, and Glowforge will be his 3rd startup. He’s an avid reader and can’t seem to escape the sci-fi genre, as much as he tries. He’s also an outdoor enthusiast and quite obsessed with his young, four legged, goofball pup.

Nicodemus s


Software Engineer

Nicodemus is passionate about creating sustainable, durable, and accessible systems, making and fixing things, and building tools. In the wild he loves backpacking, climbing, and road trips. In cozy places he enjoys computer, board, and table-top gaming, plus reading sci- and non-fiction.

(pronouns: ze/zem or he/him)

Ryan s


Customer Success

Ryan has a passion for creativity that fueled an unparalleled customer experience on his previous team, which influenced acquisitions from Universal Music Group and Nordstrom. When he’s not creating a positive experience for others, he seeks inspiration from nature and the pacific northwest’s diverse music culture.

(pronouns: he/ him)

Stuart crop s


Software Engineer

Stuart is someone who is curious about just about everything: people, places, things, and how these shape each other. For better or worse, this means he loves to try out all the things to understand them and the people involved with them better. As examples, he is a novice Flamenco dancer and fairly good cook. He personally believes he may have a cookbook problem, but since one of his mottos is “feed friends!”, none of his friends or family seem willing to kick off an intervention. He was drawn to Glowforge because of how it enables artists to do cooler things in their own mediums. He hopes to be continually surprised and inspired by the way folk express themselves using our product!

(pronouns: ze/zem or he/him)

Will crop s


Software Engineer

Will is a West coast native and new to Seattle. He's a software engineer who strives to make the web a better place through accessible UI and intuitive UX. Outside of the office he can be found riding a skateboard or bike, swaying to music, or on an adventure.

(pronouns: he/him)

Emma s


Software Engineer

Emma's passion for engineering was borne of her obsession with the question "why?" and has grown into a lifelong quest for learning. When not at work, Emma enjoys reading fantasy novels, hiking, watching documentaries, and loving her dog.

Mike s


Performance Marketing Manager

Mike is a San Francisco transplant and he values meeting new people and sharing new experiences. Mike has years of experience driving user growth at small and large companies alike. Before marketing, he spent 2 years in Japan teaching English. When not mucking about in marketing data, Mike likes playing sports, table top games, photography, and spending time outdoors. He considers himself a connoisseur of dad jokes.

(pronouns: he/him)

Michael b s


Customer Success

Michael loves helping people, a passion that has taken him from teaching children to play music to providing companionship to hospice patients. He also loves the written word, and at home can often be found practicing calligraphy or reading poetry to his cat.

(pronouns: he/ him)

Averly s


Customer Success

Having lived most of her life on the West Coast, Averly enjoys the Seattle sunshine and Southern California drizzle. She is a writer with works seen in local publications. Her hobbies include meeting cute pups and trying new recipes in the kitchen!

Erk s


Manufacturing Engineer

Erik brings a background in both mechanical design and manufacturing engineering. He enjoys combining the two perspectives to ensure the needs for successful product development and implementation are met. He has a passion for learning and enjoys sharing hobbies such as cooking, gardening, music production, video games, and travel with his wife and two kids.

Chris s


Software Development Engineer in Test

Chris has worked as a QA Engineer, QA Lead, and SDET over the past 8 years - most recently at Amazon. He is a three-time marathon finisher, bourbon collector, corgi owner, novice skateboarder, and industrial sewing machine enthusiast.

(pronouns: he/him)

Dustin s



Dustin is a PNW native, who has worked as an accountant throughout Portland and Seattle in industries such as retail, manufacturing, and advertising. You can often find him working on his 1920's craftsman in West Seattle, watching basketball or backpacking in the mountains

Ellen s


Social Media Specialist

Ellen is a fashion influencer with over 200,000 followers. She is a Seattle native and graduated from the University of Washington. She's always looking for the next chance to travel, eat and take the perfect photo!

Jenni s


Manager, Customer Success

Jenni has a passion for building and delivering "out of this world" customer service. She is an outdoor enthusiast, spending time hiking, skiing, and more. One of her dogs holds the self imposed title of "most beautiful dog in the world" while the other is just crazy.

(pronouns: she/her)

Chelsea s


Technical Customer Success Specialist

Chelsea is both an artist and a tinkerer, creative solutions are her specialty. She brings a background in math and science combined with a love of painting and photography. She and her husband love exploring the natural beauty of the PNW and trying new culinary experiences together.

Stu s


Full Stack Engineer

Stu is originally from the UK but he has worked around Europe and the West Coast before finding the perfect latitude (again) in Seattle. His favourite sound is his daughter’s laugh and his favourite sight is her smile.

(pronouns: he/ him)

Ivan s


Technical Support Engineer

Ivan is an artist & engineer with a background in musical composition, immersive reality, open-source prosthetics, mechanical sculpture, mechanical special effects & a general love of making and learning. He loves to split downtime between family & art.

(pronouns: he/him)

Justine s


Growth Marketer

Justine loves surprises (the fun kind, not the scary kind) and is known for pulling off epic celebrations with Fort Knox-level secrecy. Justine uses her passion for “surprise and delight” to build thoughtful marketing campaigns that connect consumers with products and experiences they’ll love. Justine is happiest spending time with her husband, incredibly loud family, and dog nephew, Torta.

(pronouns: she/ her)

Marc s


Technical Support Engineer

Marc is excited to join the Glowforge team. He has specialized in providing advanced technical support in the most human way possible for Apple devices, all the way to Deep Learning systems for organic chemistry departments at popular universities. He is married to the love of his life with 4 beautiful kids, enjoys playing competitive eSports for a local Pacific Northwest organization, and spends a little bit too much time reading about String Theory and Quantum Gravity.

(pronous: he/him)



Director, Software Engineering

Adrian got into computers back when the Intel 8088 was cutting edge and the world was dominated by the 16-bit processors. Since then, his career has been shuffling around distributed systems, embedded devices, software and hardware product architecture.

Daniel s


Customer Success

Daniel loves chatting with people and finding the best solution to whatever problem they are facing. After a brief foray into sports journalism where he covered Mixed Martial Arts, Daniel switched career paths into Customer Success where he found his true passion. Originally from Santa Barbara, Daniel enjoys cheering on the Los Angeles Rams, Dodgers, and Kings, but most of all he loves spending time with his wife and cat.

(pronouns: he/ him)

David w s


Software Engineer

David is a bit of a jack of all trades. He has worked in many roles for a national lab, Excite, and several startups. Originally from Louisiana but now in Santa Barbara, he has a passion for food, craft beverages, and beach volleyball.

Jack s


Principal Product Manager

Jack loves dreaming up and delivering products that are new to the world and has spent the last 10+ years creating products at startups large and small - from Ed-tech platforms to consumer electronics. He believes one of the most rewarding ways to learn is a trial by fire and loves jumping feet first into new ideas. While not behind his computer, he enjoys discovering new activities with his wife, son, and their white Labrador.

Justin s


Software Engineer

Justin has been immersed in web technology since he taught himself to program on WebTV in 1998. Before coming to Glowforge he honed his skills building websites, apps, and infrastructure for UCSB's Graduate School of Education and a series of Santa Barbara startups. He loves playing and making video games, space, his cats, and trying to learn everything about everything.

(pronouns: he/him)

Matthew s


Mechanical Engineer

Matthew is a Seattle born mechanical engineer with a passion for product development and working on awesome new technology. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast (camping, skiing, diving, sailing, you name it) and is always looking for a new skill to learn, or a new adventure to join.

(pronouns: he/him)

Kat s


Mechanical Engineer

Kat enjoys building products that make people's lives easier. She loves learning new skills - from piano to Python - and reading a good book with a glass of beer. Her favorite outdoor activities include skiing new terrain, playing ultimate with the 'Di$c Diva$' and going for Sunday drives with her boyfriend, Jack.

(pronouns: she/her)

David b s



David moved up to WA in 2018 from CA and never looked back. He was recently part of a Seattle startup prior to joining Glowforge. During his ferry commute from Southworth, he will listen to audiobooks while watching orcas and eagles pass by. On the weekends, you can find him kayaking, fishing, hiking, or hosting gamenights.

(pronouns: he/him)

Dan q s


Software Engineer

Dan is a UX-focused developer who recently helped design and build a console for a cloud infrastructure platform. Before that he did full-stack development at startups and worked on games and apps for kids. He enjoys solving problems at the intersection of UX design and engineering. Outside of the office you can find him hiking around West Seattle parks with his Fiancé and their dogs or inline skating at one of the local skateparks.

(pronouns: he/him)

Naomi s


Finished Goods Inventory and Procurement Manager

Naomi is a hands on supply chain professional with a curious mindset and passion for problem solving, and is very excited to help grow the supply chain at Glowforge. She is always eager to learn and enjoys reading about culture, music and history. Naomi is a German-native, and when she gets a chance, she loves to go back to visit family and eat her favorite foods! She loves to explore and travel to new cities and places. But on the day to day, she enjoys getting crafty in the kitchen, going on hikes, having a beer with friends and watching horror movies.

(pronouns: she/ her)

Teresa s


Channel Marketing Manager

Glitter, raffia and ricrac make the world go round in Teresa’s eyes! She brings 20 years of retail marketing experience and has launched products like Xbox and Surface in retailers and distributors across the country. Lighting up the customer shopping journey and having the chance to do this at Glowforge has her doing cartwheels. She loves sunshine, traveling the world with her husband and daughter and losing track of time crafting and creating homemade treasures.

(pronouns: she/ her)

We love to make things.

We’re lucky to have access to variety of maker tools: laser cutters, 3d printers, woodworking tools, sewing machines, metalworking equipment, and paper cutting machines. We’ve grown up on lathes, x-acto knives, CNC mills, and drill presses. We learned to create with pen and paper, Autocad, Sketchup, crayons, graph paper, scissors, and imagination.

Now it’s our turn to build something to give back. We hope you’ll be as excited about it as we are.