Succulent Coasters
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Hi everyone, I wanted to share this coaster set I made.

succulent coaster - side

succulent coaster - flat

Each coaster is a layer of :proofgrade: Medium Walnut with a layer of :proofgrade: Maple Veneer on top.

I originally tried raster engraving the design into a single layer of :proofgrade: Medium Maple, but found stacking the veneer onto walnut gave it a much more finished look.

On the bottom there’s a layer of adhesive felt which I cut on the GF using settings from this thread. The felt gives it a nicer feel when sliding the coasters on the table!

I made the design in Cuttle, an app I’m working on that combines vector editing with parametric design. (Let me know if you’d like to help beta test this!)

succulent coaster making of

Update (Jul 14, 2021)

Cuttle is now open for sign ups!

I also recorded a video tutorial (16 min) where I walk through making this design in Cuttle.

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