See the Magic of Glowforge in Action

With Glowforge, your opportunities are endless. Every week, tens of thousands of Glowforge owners print hundreds of thousands of creations using materials like wood, leather, glass, cardstock - even food!

But the secret? Using a Glowforge is as simple as attaching a file to an email. With a couple short videos, you'll discover how you too can go from doorstep delivery to printing magical things in a matter of minutes.

Discover What's Possible with Glowforge

Meet Glowforge, the record-breaking 3D laser printer. With your Glowforge, you can transform a photo into a wallet - or print a rocketship out of chocolate. You can tattoo your laptop at the push of a button - or create a gift that will last for generations. For yourself, loved ones, your even your business, you can print anything you imagine...with Glowforge.

How To: Unbox Your Glowforge

Spend more time creating and less time setting up. Our intuitive, guided setup will help you go from box to printing in just 30 minutes. In this video, a 5th grader walks you through how to unbox your new Glowforge.

How To: Design a Glowforge Print Using a Pen

No design experience? No problem. Your Glowforge comes equipt with onboard cameras that can scan anything from doodles to hand-drawn masterpieces, so you can design your next creation using just a pen. In this video, you'll learn how to design a personalized necklace using simple design techniques.

How To: Print a Wooden and Acrylic Puzzle with your Glowforge

With your Glowforge, you can create items to entertain kids for hours in just a matter of minutes. In this video, you'll learn how to use free web-based software to design an incredible print for your Glowforge.

How To: Customize a Fabric Tote with Your Glowforge

Glowforge uses a beam of light to cut and engrave hundreds of materials - like wood, leather, glass, even paper - with precision the width of a human hair. In this video, you'll learn how to transform ordinary items like a fabric tote into a one-of-a-kind creation at the push of a button.

Meet Glowforge

The magical 3D laser printer that makes all these projects possible.

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