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I needed a quick display item for the week and since we had a request waiting I decided to go ahead and just knock one out real quick - it took about half an hour.

(Note: I deliberately did not adjust the settings and didn’t mask because I wanted to also test for a couple of other things. The result comes out much darker than what you will likely see when you cut it, especially if you cut it out of Proofgrade.)

One thing that did surprise me…I would have expected lines cut that closely together to fall to bits when I put the box together…but as you can see from the picture above…they didn’t. It’s a really cute little box pattern. You really only need to glue it in a couple of spots. :smiley:

Couple of tips when you do cut it - make sure you use masking on the back of the material, even if you want to let the front get colored by the smoke residue. Those closely spaced lines and tiny notches cause a lot of discoloration on the backside.

I would also create a negative of the engraving for the fins, and flip them over to engrave the back, so that the back side of the box can have engraving on the fins as well. (Didn’t take the time to do that for this one. I’ll do it when I recut it from Proofgrade.)

But it looks great @davidgal2 ! You might want to make it a little bigger in size to cut down on the charring, but it does work at that size, so you can probably get at least couple on the 12 x 12 sheet.

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