First Passtrough project - bunk bed decoration
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 
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I finally had the courage to try out the passthrough slot.

It’s my daughter’s birthday this week, and I decided to make a bunk bed for her room. Of course, being who I am, I can’t just make a simple bed. I had to add some decorations to it.

I used the passthrough to make a panel that fits at the top of the bed with some animals on it.

I did not draw those animals. I found them on iStock:

I had to do a lot of work to clean the vector up, and to cut the file up into separate chunks that I could use with the passthrough. I also figured out a way to draw registration marks on the piece so I could line up the next cut.

It’s all cut out of the same piece of Baltic Birch plywood I bought locally. I cut all the animals out, then stained, sanded and varnished each piece separately. I then glued them all onto a backer piece of plywood, and added a second coat of varnish.

She’s really happy with the outcome, and her new bed. And now, I’m much more comfortable with the passthrough.

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