My crazy Settlers of Catan board
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Sooooo, hey. I’ve been waiting until I had a good amount of material to post, and since I had my first assembly of all components just now, I figured it’s time.

This is my Settlers board! It’s one of the things I always knew I would do once I got the Glowforge, and I finally thought I had enough experience with Inkscape and the machine to pull it off.

This is unpainted, and there are lots of areas where the masking is still on, as I plan on spraying most of it and then unmasking those areas so they show the finished maple plywood material. (Luckily I have an urban muralist buddy with a ton of paints, so I won’t spend a billion bucks trying to get about 20 colors of paint for a tiny spray of each)

Also, there’s a handful of elements that aren’t present, because they will be applied AFTER it’s painted. Examples being little white sheep in the fields, and also I want to laser etch cracks in the desert, but not until it’s painted.

This is the full 5-6 player expanded layout. The frame works for a normal 2-4 player layout too naturally.

I’ll post lots of progress pics below.

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