Gimme Some Skin
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So…did you guys know that you can skin your iPhone case with the Proofgrade veneers?

(Yeah, me either, until a couple days ago.) :smile:

(And @shell , I would love to see your cool coffee bean pattern adapted for this and included in the catalog, along with a few other “profession” related themes like engineering, or maybe some gears, or a musical theme…I think they’d be popular. I’m first in line for the coffee bean one. :smiley:)

Okay, so the leather case on my iPhone was starting to look a bit worn at the edges…I had a little bit of walnut and maple PG veneer left over, and I thought…why not?

Cut the pattern once out of each of the veneers, and started fitting the puzzle pieces together. (It’s cathartic.)

Finished it up with a couple of coats of gloss Polyurethane, and now I’ve got a shiny wooden cover for my case.

(This case had a cover, so I didn’t have to mess with cutouts for the camera, but it could be adapted.)

Probably needs one more coat, but I’m impatient. :smile:

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