New catalog designs, automatic instructions, and improved sensor monitoring

New catalog designs
We’ve added 4 new catalog designs this week with more ways to create breathtaking displays! Serve up your delicious treats with this 3-Tier Mobile Dessert Tower or Crescent Mini Display Riser. For those looking to create more space in your kitchen or office, this Mini Shelf Riser Display is perfect for organizing your spice jars or collectibles.

Catalog designs now show instructions automatically
Thanks to your feedback, we’re making improvements so it’s easier than ever to print and assemble a design from the Glowforge catalog. Most of our catalog designs have detailed and helpful instructions - now, when you open one for printing, those instructions are shown automatically.

Should you make changes that you want to revert, you can click Reset Design. This will reset your design to it’s catalog-original condition.

We are also adding more assembly instructions for some of your favorite designs.

Improved sensor monitoring
Your Glowforge uses sensors inside the air intake, lid, head, exhaust, and coolant to alert you when the temperature gets too high. We improved the way we monitor these sensors to more quickly and accurately identify issues.

Autofocus improvements
We’ve made some updates to the autofocus software to improve the accuracy.

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Beta features via Early Access on Premium

Glowforge Premium now has Early Access, which lets you try beta features out. These are features we think might be useful to release, so we’re sharing them for beta testing. Your feedback (in the forum) will help us decide whether we should release them for everyone or remove them.

Early Access already has something in beta for you to try!

Design Search - Design Search lets you search the titles of your designs to quickly find the one you’re looking for. From the Dashboard, click View All to see the search box.

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Design export improvements

We have another improvement to Glowforge Print to share: More settings details for design export. Previously when you exported, you would get the step number, operation, and setting names.

With the latest improvement, now you’ll also get detailed settings saved to your exported file for manual and custom steps.

This will be available for all Glowforge users, free, as an easy way to preserve each manual print setting on export so they can be referenced and re-entered if you want to reuse the settings in the future.

We’re talking about the latest improvements on the Community Forum.

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New Premium perks & improved Proofgrade settings

Glowforge Premium: Share Premium with people in your Household

As a paying Premium member, you are able to use the power of Premium while you are connected to any machine. We want you to be able to share premium with anyone in your household who shares your Glowforge. That means you’ll be able to add up to 2 other Household Members to use some of your Premium goodies! They’ll have these benefits while they share your machine.

Anyone who shares your Premium subscription will be treated as a trusted member of your household and will receive access to many of your Premium subscription benefits.

Improved Proofgrade settings
Based on your feedback, we’re updating the HD Graphic settings for Proofgrade Walnut Hardwood to produce more detailed bitmap engraves.

The new HD Graphic setting will replace the existing settings. The existing setting will be there for at least a week, and labeled with “(Expiring Soon)”. That way, if you’re in the middle of a project and want to preserve the settings you’re using for later, you can open up the HD Graphic engrave settings and click the “+” sign to save them as a custom setting.

We’ve also added Proofgrade Aspen Hardwood to the material selection list in the app.

We're talking about this now on our Community Forum.

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New Premium features, vector engrave settings, & catalog designs

Past Prints: now, every version of your design is preserved (Premium only)

Three weeks ago we announced Glowforge Premium and some of the new features that were on the docket. This week, we’re launching Past Prints. This feature is like Apple’s Time Machine for your designs, and will save a new version of your design each time you print.

With Past Prints, you will be able to see your print history going back to Sept 15, 2020. We’ll preserve all your files and versions forever with your Premium subscription. Now you can experiment with settings and changes without worrying about losing your work!

New vector engrave settings

We’re updating the SD Graphic settings for Draftboard, Plywood, Hardwood, and Acrylic. The new settings are for vector engraves only; bitmap engrave settings will stay the same.

New catalog designs

You’ll see your home in a different light this week with 2 incredible new designs, created by a talented Glowforge owner just like you. Choose subtle sophistication with this elegant Acrylic Barrel Light or make a centerpiece statement with this Angular Wood Shell Lamp. Or print them both!

We're talking about this now on our Community Forum.

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New catalog designs

We’ve added 9 new catalog designs this week with more jewelry, accessories, and decorations for your home. Show off your bubbly side with these playful Bubble Earrings or opt for a more classic look with these Starfall Art Deco Statement Earrings. For those looking for style meets function, give your cards a new home with this personalized Slide-up Veneer Card Holder.

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New catalog designs

When we announced our new catalog designs, we said it was just the beginning. This week, we’re adding a bunch more to choose from! Discover more ways to accessorize with these intricate Geometric Kumiko Earrings or Rosebud Floral Framed Earrings. Display them proudly on this Palm Tree Jewelry Stand or tuck them away with a personalized All-in-one Scarf, Tie, and Accessories Hangar.

Dashboard badges for your catalog designs

We’ve added distinct badges so you know which designs came from our catalog.

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App performance fixes

In the past week, some customers reported delays in the Glowforge App and print processing speed. The team has been investigating and this morning solved the issue. We’ve been monitoring since, and we are now back up to full double speed! (Recall we updated everyone to servers that are up to 2x as fast a couple weeks ago).

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Your Glowforge software is about to get faster!

We’re upgrading the cloud servers for our free Glowforge Print service! That means you’ll see faster print preparation from when you click print until the button starts glowing...

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Autofocus update

Autofocus update
We’re updating the autofocus software on some Glowforge printers. For most units, this won’t have a noticeable difference, but you may see improvements to the quality of your prints like fewer scorch marks and improved cutting. The updates will go out automatically over the next couple of weeks. No reboot is needed to receive the update.

Faster print preparation
We're testing out some improvements to make your prints prepare faster, so you’ll spend less time waiting from when you click “print” until you get to hit the button.

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