Customizable Weck Jar Lids
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Something simple.

I love the shape of Weck jars and think they make great gift containers for food and small items, but the lids could stand some pizazz if you’re going to gift them. :relaxed:

I just went and scrounged up some internet images for these…(I think the fish would make a fantastic gift filled with hand-tied flies or specialty lures for a fisherman.)

Engraved cherry Proofgrade ply.

I am so incredibly impressed with the phenomenal amount of data that the machine picks up and interprets correctly for extremely complex designs though…take a look at the closeup of that zentangle file…i put it in the bed so I could get some good lighting on it:

That’s from a jpeg of a hand drawn image…it’s incredible that there isn’t a mark out of place on it.

Bowie the Fish by notoriousstar
Hedgie by George Bokhua
Zentangle-Paisley-Pattern (unknown)

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