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Thought I’d share this idea I first made last fall, when the # of threads I use of leather projects was getting harder to keep track of–so instead of lifting each spool to check the label underneath, I made these markers so it’s easy to see them on the shelf, and when I run out, I can take the marker with me to the store, or to the computer to reorder…

And when at my machine, put the markers near the thread stand/machine. The majority of spools are about 5" tall and 1" diameter. The “T” shape helps keep the marker balanced and in position even when I move the spool.

I started creating text for etching the color names, but after 5 decided that was crazy–I have nearly 40 spools of various colors and thread size (e.g. 9 browns), so I just use the scrap edges from adhesive shipping labels to write out the info…

small pic markers cut blanks & labeled on spools

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