Precision position, design library improvements, and a focus fix

We have some fantastic improvements we think you’re going to love.

You can now specify the precise position and size of your artwork. Select an object, and the new Precision Position tool appears.

Preview thumbnails in your design library will get refreshed when you open, edit, or print a design. The most recently opened design will be sorted to the top of your design library.

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$500 hiding in your browser (3/25/20)

We created our referral program for Glowforge owners because if we’re going to send someone $500 for getting the word out about Glowforge, we’d like it to be to you. Everyone you refer to Glowforge is money that goes to you instead of to ads on Google and Facebook. And with our referral program, your friend gets the absolute best sale price on their Glowforge, and you get up to $500 cash!

We also have a firmware update available. The next time you turn on your Glowforge, the firmware will update automatically. This update will help us prepare for future improvements. 

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Autofocus update (3/16/20)

We’re updating the autofocus software on your Glowforge to prepare for future work. For most units, this won’t have a noticeable difference, but you may see improvements to the quality of your prints like fewer scorch marks and fewer cut-through issues. The updates will go out automatically over the next couple of weeks. No reboot is needed to receive the update.

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Better clicks, better undo (3/2/20)

First, better clicking! Previously, if you want to select an artwork, you’d have to precisely click on the pixel. We've made some improvements to make click selection easier which means fewer missed clicks!

Second, we’ve improved “undo”. Previously, when you used “undo” after rotating, it might only undo part of the rotation. Now, a single undo will get the artwork back to its original state.

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Improving connectivity (2/11/20)

Two connectivity improvements are heading your way! One will make your Glowforge more likely to stay connected when the Wi-Fi signal is poor, and the other allows the software to retry more intelligently when there’s a network problem. Your printer will update the next time you turn your Glowforge off and on.

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Proofgrade across Europe; get notified when your favorite materials are available; higher speed for raster images only (1/20/20)

The Shop is now available to all EU customers! Speaking of the Shop, you said it’d be useful to hear when sold out Proofgrade materials are available again. Now, you can click “Email Me When Available” for any sold-out Proofgrade material.

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International design catalog and improved Wi-Fi (1/6/20)

It’s finally here! We’ve updated the design catalog with a new design and ecommerce system. That means we can finally make designs available to our international customers!

We’ve also made an improvement to make your Wi-Fi connection more robust.

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Improving connectivity & planned downtime (12/1/19)

We have a firmware update that will improve your machine’s ability to connect to our servers. Most printers will update the next time you turn your Glowforge off and on.

And this Tuesday, Dec 3rd at 11:30 PM PST, we have some planned downtime to update our servers with security and reliability improvements. Our site may be unavailable for up to an hour.

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Rise and shine: lights on before pictures (11/25/19)

When your Glowforge goes to sleep, the lights dim. Sometimes this results in a camera image that’s too dark to see. The next time your Glowforge powers on, it will install an update to ensure that the lights come on before a picture is taken.

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Increasing the speed of light: four ways your Glowforge is getting faster (and a loud noise) (10/22/19)

We are really, really excited about this set of latest improvements.

A new beta setting will dramatically increase the top speed your Glowforge can achieve. The top speed of the Glowforge Basic is now 1.4x, the Plus is 2.8x, and the Pro is a whopping 4.2x as fast as before. While your Glowforge won’t always run at top speed, today’s release can make prints go much faster than before. You’ll see the biggest improvements in large engravings. You'll also see your printer head moving much faster when autofocusing or homing.

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