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Bring a New Dimension to Education

Glowforge Pro

used in 3,000+ schools

Laser cut, score, and engrave materials right in the classroom. With Glowforge’s integrated design tools & ready-to-use classroom projects, your students can turn their creative ideas into 3D reality. Glowforge is the all-in-one creative solution that makes every class period a hands-on learning experience.

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Hands-on learning fosters creativity

Join Nick and Bailey for a HUGE live print! They’ll share their Top 5 Tips for successful Passthrough printing.

Watch your students realize they can bring their ideas to life right in the classroom.

Great investment in your school & students' future

Advance your teaching with new technology that builds real-world skills to serve your students far beyond the classroom.

Join Nick and Bailey for a HUGE live print! They’ll share their Top 5 Tips for successful Passthrough printing.

Fast & easy to use

Everybody gets a turn to hold their own finished product by the end of class, and you save your valuable time for teaching, not troubleshooting.

We'll help get you started

We'll help you set up, align curriculum, and get your classroom Glowforge ready!


Explore classroom projects aligned with popular education standards and easily integrate Glowforge into your cirriculum.

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Learn how Glowforge can be a powerful tool in education with out step-by-step guides, print tutorials, and conversations with educators

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Learn how you can access funding to get started with Glowforge from grant application guides to first-hand stories from educators.

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Every student (and teacher!) deserves the chance to let their imagination take control. Help spark students’ imagination and watch what they create!

Hear from teachers & students who use Glowforge every day!

“The Glowforge has been really effective as a beacon for drawing new students into our curriculum. Being able to jump from our design to the Glowforge, cutting it, seeing if your components align…it has revolutionized the way students are making work.”

Casey Curran, Studio Supervisor and Educator at Cornish College of the Arts

“Now that I’ve used the Glowforge, there’s no way I could go back. It just makes it so easy to be able to just set up a file and print it. It allows me to build upon my work in a really quick and efficient way.”

Danaea Brown, Interior Architecture Student at Cornish College of the Arts

“Glowforge has transformed how we approach making and innovation with even our youngest students. It’s been quite magical having this machine. We keep our Glowforge on a low table, so that even the youngest students can walk up to it and open the lid. It’s become a regular part of the school day.”

Patrick Benfield, Innovation Director, The Magellan School

Meet educators that use Glowforge in the classroom