Latest Improvements

Changes are coming soon and may take time to appear.

Every Glowforge is now faster! Plus, engrave improvements.

Speed changes are now live for all Glowforge. A reminder, your top speed improvement kicks in if you adjust settings manually.

Thanks to reports from Glowforge owners, we tracked down three different cases that could cause lines to appear when you engrave a vector design.

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Add, Connect, and Erase Artwork from Magic Canvas, Navigation fix, Aura bed display fix

Easily Edit your Magic Canvas Design

We’ve added the ‘Connect’ tool to the Magic Canvas ‘Adjust Artwork’ tools.

To use it:

  • Click “Adjust Artwork” on any Magic Canvas Art Style
  • Use the “Connect” & “Eraser” tools in the “Modify” section to draw or remove parts of the design
  • When you’re done, the design and all your edits will appear in the workspace, ready to be printed!

Navigation Update

We're replacing the Glowforge app navigation from being expand-on-hover to click-to-expand, improving usability and addressing feedback on app interference. With this change, navigation menus will no longer appear unintentionally.

Default Aura bed display

We’ve updated the Aura bed image to display at 100% zoom on smaller screens. Now, when you open a design in the app, the Aura bed will appear at the optimal zoom level.

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Instant ornaments: Magic Canvas can cut, score, and engrave

It used to be that all Magic Canvas designs created engrave-only options. Our new art style, Ornaments, produces vectors that can be cut, scored, or engraved. The existing art styles behave as before (and can only be engraved).

Turn just about any idea into a stunning handmade custom ornament that’s ready to cut...

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Now, every catalog design is something personal

We’ve made it easier for you to personalize designs from the Catalog. An increasing number of catalog designs allow you to easily change the included text with Premium text and fonts – whether you’re changing a name. for a gift, updating a date for a memento, or customizing the included message to something more personal for a loved one.

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Community Chat is there when you need it, New Proofgrade settings

Community Chat display settings in app

We know that sometimes you want to collaborate and share ideas with other Glowforge owners, and sometimes you just need to focus. Now you have a few options.

Glowforge Gives Thanks giveaways

Glowforge Community Chat is hosting four giveaways over the next four weeks, with $500 of prizes per week!

New Proofgrade Settings

We’ve added additional Proofgrade settings in the Glowforge App.

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Easier to find your next Catalog print

We’ve made it easier to find your next Catalog print from your App dashboard!

  • Easier to see whether a design works with your printer Designs that are only compatible with Glowforge Performance printers (Glowforge Pro, Plus, Basic) show a teal badge in the top right corner

  • Easier to see whether a Catalog design is free with your Premium membership Designs that are free with your Premium membership are now labeled with a smaller gold and purple badge. Premium members can add any Free with Premium design with just one click. Print members can now more easily upgrade to Premium to get a Free with Premium design.

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Referral Process updates; Faster app performance; Navigation updates

A new and improved Referral Program

Our newest updates are live, so when you’re logged into, you’ll see a new and improved dashboard to share your special link and to keep track of your referral discounts.

You can earn up to $500 for each of the 5 discounts you can share–that’s up to $2500 in Proofgrade materials if you wish!

Adding bitmaps is up to 10x faster!

When you add a bitmap to your design, they should appear in your workspace up to 10x faster. This includes uploading bitmaps, bitmaps created by all Creative Tools (Magic Canvas, Stamp Tool, and Image Adjustments), and copy and pasting bitmaps into your design.

A faster connection between your Glowforge printer

We have made improvements to the way your Glowforge printer connects and reconnects to the cloud. This means that your printer's status in the app should now update up to 5x faster when switching between different operations.

Main navigation updates

The navigation more intuitive and consistent across the site! Now, when you’re logged in with your Glowforge account, you’ll always see links to Create (takes you to your app dashboard), Shop (for materials, catalog designs and more), Community (to access the Forum and Live Chat) and Learn.

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