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Robust Tools

Laser design has never been easier! One-click tools will make it simple to manage vector shapes, customize prints, and create clean designs.

Design with Ease

Create stunning prints using our Free with Premium design catalog, including the Design of the Month, or personalize your work with some of the millions of graphics available.

Premium Access

Get first access to new features, chats with creators, and ideas for new things you can print.

Get one spectacular new Glowforge-exclusive design every month that you subscribe.

Member Benefits

Design of the Month

Get one spectacular new Glowforge-exclusive design every month that you subscribe. It’s yours to keep forever.

Unlimited Design Storage

Unlimited storage for all of your designs so you can print anything, from any device, any time.

Free Designs

Get unlimited access to scores of beautiful and useful designs that print at the click of a button. Make as many as you want - for yourself, your family, or even to gift. Take a look at what you can print!

Creative Tools

Laser design has never been easier, with one-click tools for managing vector shapes and bitmaps to design or customize in minutes.

Graphics Library

Millions of graphics and fonts - Personalize and enhance your creations with more than two million pieces of vector art and over 900 fonts.

Fast Lane

Your prints are processed on upgraded, ultra-high-performance servers in the cloud, exclusively reserved for Premium members.

Past Prints

Past Print creates a new version of your design each time you print. You can see your print history, roll back to restore a prior version of the design, and make a copy of an old version to edit it.

Early Access

Glowforge Early Access is a new feature that gives new Glowforge Premium members backstage pass to try out experimental, not-yet-released new features.

Household Members

Premium members are able to share some of the goodness of Premium with up to 2 other people in their household who share their Glowforge.

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