Latest Improvements

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New catalog designs

When we announced our new catalog designs, we said it was just the beginning. This week, we’re adding a bunch more to choose from! Discover more ways to accessorize with these intricate Geometric Kumiko Earrings or Rosebud Floral Framed Earrings. Display them proudly on this Palm Tree Jewelry Stand or tuck them away with a personalized All-in-one Scarf, Tie, and Accessories Hangar.

Dashboard badges for your catalog designs

We’ve added distinct badges so you know which designs came from our catalog.

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App performance fixes

In the past week, some customers reported delays in the Glowforge App and print processing speed. The team has been investigating and this morning solved the issue. We’ve been monitoring since, and we are now back up to full double speed! (Recall we updated everyone to servers that are up to 2x as fast a couple weeks ago).

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Autofocus update

Autofocus update We’re updating the autofocus software on some Glowforge printers. For most units, this won’t have a noticeable difference, but you may see improvements to the quality of your prints like fewer scorch marks and improved cutting. The updates will go out automatically over the next couple of weeks. No reboot is needed to receive the update.

Faster print preparation We're testing out some improvements to make your prints prepare faster, so you’ll spend less time waiting from when you click “print” until you get to hit the button.

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Good news for thin materials

Good news for thin materials We’ve improved autofocusing on thin materials. It’s now possible to print on materials that are very thin, where previously there may have been issues focusing.

A small change in the Design Library We’ve fixed an issue where affecting a small number of users where edits to designs weren’t being shown. Thanks for your feedback!

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Discover new graphics and save your favorites!

The Glowforge Premium Graphics library works better than ever before! With over 2 million graphics to choose from, sometimes the hardest part about creating your design is deciding which to use. Now you can:

  • Save your favorite graphics while you “window shop”, and easily add your most frequently used graphics across designs
  • Discover new graphics from our rotating curated collections
  • See many more results when you search with infinite scrolling
  • Check out the trending terms to see what others are searching for

We can’t wait to see what you’ll make!

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Faster text tool and improved sensor monitoring

Faster text tool We’ve made some performance improvements to the Premium creative tool suite. The text tool is now much more responsive so you can add text to your hearts’ content more quickly! Thank you for your feedback!

Improved sensor monitoring Your Glowforge already uses sensors inside the air intake, lid, head, exhaust, and coolant to alert you when the temperature gets extremely high. We’re now using infrared sensors built into every Glowforge as well that may sometimes identify issues faster.

Just like for the other sensors, if there are unusual readings, the print may pause or cancel. You’ll get this update the next time you turn on your Glowforge.

Visual fixes We’ve also fixed a few visual bugs that caused the print button, the graphics search box and the save custom settings menu to not appear correctly for some users.

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A few favorite fonts

And these are a few of my favorite fonts

Here come more improvements for Glowforge Premium! The best fonts are now at the top. You can now favorite your most used fonts and find them at the top of your font list. We’ve also added selected script and stencil collections. And to make it easier to navigate the 900+ fonts we provide you, we’ve added a quick “jump to top” shortcut.

New firmware

The next time you turn on your Glowforge, the firmware will update automatically. This update will help us prepare for future improvements and corrects a rare bug that caused the machine to show a purple button.

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Get inspired while you print

Inspire others and get inspired while you print! With so many of us at home, we want to experiment with a new way to connect you with others in the community who also share your passions.

Each week, we’re going to pick a topic and invite a small, rotating group of users to share their prints and the stories behind them with each other. If you’re invited for the week, you will see posts from other invited creators while you’re printing. Click “Share your story” to share your ideas and tell others about your prints.

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