Latest Improvements

Changes may take 24 hours to appear.

New firmware

The next time you turn on your Glowforge, the firmware will update automatically. This update will help us prepare for future improvements.

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A better handle on your artwork

We’ve made an improvement to your workspace, so you can more easily select your artwork and use the handles to resize and rotate them.

And thanks to your feedback, we’ve also fixed some bugs where newly added shapes, text, or uploaded files were not appearing on a new blank design in some situations.

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Show and hide the precision position tool; Search on support site; App bug fixes

Show and hide the Precision Position tool
Thank you for the outstanding feedback about the Precision Positioning tool! We’ve added the ability to show and dismiss it so it doesn’t get in your way.

It’s easier to find solutions
We’ve improved the Glowforge support site, including adding search. The new support pages will be available at later this week, or by clicking "Support" in the App.

App bug fixes and improvements
We’ve made a few small improvements to the app this week.

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Better dashboard preview and other improvements

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve improved the preview images in your design library so that they are higher resolution and show the colors used in the original design file. The thumbnails are refreshed every time you open a design. This fix will be rolling out over the next several days.

We’ve also fixed an issue that sometimes causes the camera image in the workspace to appear white.

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Toolbar tooltips, visual updates, and rotation bug fix

Toolbar tooltips and visual updates
We’ve added tooltips to make it easier to use our software, and made some improvements to the visual styling of the toolbar!

Create Outline updates
We fixed an issue that sometimes caused the rotation handle not to work.

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Connected text and Create Outline improvements; Squished more bugs

Connected text
When you use the beta Glowforge Premium Text feature, overlapping letters will be automatically joined together. That means that when you create text using calligraphic fonts, it can be cut out as a single connected word.

Create Outline updates
The beta Glowforge Premium feature “Create Outline” has moved to the right hand side menu. This menu appears when something is selected.

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Improved score settings and bug fixes

Default score setting
We released the Clean corners improvement that allows scores to be printed at much higher speeds while still maintaining quality at sharp corners. It’s so good that we now recommend Draft Score instead of HD Score. We’ve updated the default score setting to match, so your prints will run faster and save you time while still giving you excellent results.

Some bug fixes
We’ve fixed a couple of bugs...

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Introducing Glowforge Premium, Creative tools, and a new look for the toolbar

Glowforge Premium brings you tools and content to print with amazing creativity and efficiency. It’s a paid upgrade to the lifetime free membership to Glowforge Print that you have already. It’s still in beta, and we have a lot more features in the works but we want to bring some of it out to you early. And while it’s in beta, enjoy it for free - it’s on us! You can learn more about Glowforge Premium in our April Update.

Here’s what’s in Glowforge Premium...

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Precision position, design library improvements, and a focus fix

We have some fantastic improvements we think you’re going to love.

You can now specify the precise position and size of your artwork. Select an object, and the new Precision Position tool appears.

Preview thumbnails in your design library will get refreshed when you open, edit, or print a design. The most recently opened design will be sorted to the top of your design library.

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