Latest Improvements

Changes may take 24 hours to appear.

Improved login security, Catalog support & New firmware

Improved login security

We are implementing a security feature to protect your account. If someone is attempting to access your account by repeatedly guessing passwords, we will temporarily lock your account to keep it safe.

Catalog reporting form

Find a problem with a catalog design? We’ve updated the form to report it so we can fix it more quickly! Just find the design in the catalog and click “report this design”.

New firmware

We have an update to the firmware that will be automatically applied the next time you turn on your printer. This update doesn’t change anything now, but will help us prepare for future improvements.

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New checkout options and a faster way to create new designs

Easy and secure checkout options

When you stock up Proofgrade materials and other products from our store, you’ll see some great new options to streamline your checkout! We now offer Google Pay, Apple Pay, Shop Pay, and PayPal, as well as secure credit card checkout. Choose whatever you prefer - or whoever offers the most points!

New magic: visit “”

If you are logged in to your Glowforge account, typing " " into your browser’s address bar will take you right to the app and create a new blank design. It’s the fastest way to leap from inspiration to creation!

Check out all the latest improvements here.

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Find Designs and Proofgrade Materials Faster

Find Designs and Proofgrade Materials Faster

We’ve made improvements to the shop to help you better find what you’re looking for, whether it’s the perfect Catalog design for any occasion or the exact material to print on.

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Copy & Paste Update

A few weeks ago, we shared some improvements to the way you can copy and paste artwork to and move artwork from one Glowforge design to another. This is now released and available for all Glowforge owners.

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A new way to set up your Glowforge printer

Newer versions of Chrome no longer support setup via a web page. If you are setting up your Glowforge printer using the latest version of Google Chrome (v101 and later) on MacOS, Windows, or Linux, you’ll be automatically directed to our new setup app.

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Copy & Paste improvements

It’s now easier than ever to move artwork from one Glowforge design to another.

While you’ve always been able to copy and paste objects (including text, shapes, and vector and bitmap artwork) within a single design in the Glowforge app, you can now:

  • Copy objects from one Glowforge design into another.
  • Copy objects from other design software and paste them directly into the app.
  • Copy objects from the Glowforge app into other design software.
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Two new ways to align your artwork

Alignment toolbar

It’s now easier than ever to perfectly align and arrange your artwork in the app.

With the new alignment toolbar, you can now align multiple objects (like your text or artwork) to the tops, middles or bottoms of one another. You can also align objects to their lefts, centers, or rights. Use the Evenly space tools to help you make sure the spacing between objects are the exact same.

Smart snapping for Glowforge Premium

For Premium members, aligning is a snap! With smart snapping, teal guidelines help you position objects while you’re moving them. Simply move any object close to another to get teal alignment guides that help you keep everything neat & tidy.

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