Latest Improvements

Changes may take 24 hours to appear.

Copy & Paste Update

A few weeks ago, we shared some improvements to the way you can copy and paste artwork to and move artwork from one Glowforge design to another. This is now released and available for all Glowforge owners.

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A new way to set up your Glowforge printer

Newer versions of Chrome no longer support setup via a web page. If you are setting up your Glowforge printer using the latest version of Google Chrome (v101 and later) on MacOS, Windows, or Linux, you’ll be automatically directed to our new setup app.

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Copy & Paste improvements

It’s now easier than ever to move artwork from one Glowforge design to another.

While you’ve always been able to copy and paste objects (including text, shapes, and vector and bitmap artwork) within a single design in the Glowforge app, you can now:

  • Copy objects from one Glowforge design into another.
  • Copy objects from other design software and paste them directly into the app.
  • Copy objects from the Glowforge app into other design software.
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Two new ways to align your artwork

Alignment toolbar

It’s now easier than ever to perfectly align and arrange your artwork in the app.

With the new alignment toolbar, you can now align multiple objects (like your text or artwork) to the tops, middles or bottoms of one another. You can also align objects to their lefts, centers, or rights. Use the Evenly space tools to help you make sure the spacing between objects are the exact same.

Smart snapping for Glowforge Premium

For Premium members, aligning is a snap! With smart snapping, teal guidelines help you position objects while you’re moving them. Simply move any object close to another to get teal alignment guides that help you keep everything neat & tidy.

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Even more accurate autofocus & new firmware

Even more accurate measurements

We've made an improvement to the way your Glowforge measures the height of your material. This may improve the quality of your laser's focus. It can also make your print preview more accurate.

New firmware

The next time you turn on your Glowforge, the firmware will update automatically. This update will help us prepare for future improvements.

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Next Premium Feature "In Line"

Introducing Patterned Lines

We’re really excited about a new Premium feature - Patterned Lines! With this feature, you can add some really stunning details to your design with just a few clicks, as well as functional designs such as stitching holes or tabs that hold small parts into the sheet you’re cutting them from.

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A new way to see What’s New and Edit in Group

A new way to see what’s new

Many of you often ask us “What’s new?”

With the latest update to the Dashboard, you’ll see more new feature announcements, tutorials, tips and tricks, new designs, sales, and more in these content areas.

Edit in Group is now available to all users

We launched the Edit in Group feature to Early Access for Premium users a little while ago and thanks to your feedback, it’s now ready for all users! This means that, when you are looking at a group of artwork, you can use Edit in Group to make detailed adjustments while still keeping the artwork in a group.

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Oversized Light Plywood is coming to the Shop

We recently introduced Light Plywood to the Proofgrade line. It’s lighter and thinner than Medium Plywood and cuts twice as fast, making it incredibly versatile.

But you wanted more - and today we have a lot more! Later today, we’re going to start offering oversized Light Plywood that measures 20” x 48”, making it ideal for use with the Pro Passthrough slot on Glowforge Pros.

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