Latest Improvements

Changes are coming soon and may take time to appear.

Chat while you print; Aura in stock (for the moment)

Instant help from our team, instant conversation with the community – while you print

We’ve made it even easier to connect with other Glowforge owners while you’re printing: now you can chat directly from the Glowforge App! Just hit print and ask questions, share ideas and tips, and get connected with your fellow creators.

Bringing Glowforge Aura to your door

If you know someone who’s looking to purchase a Glowforge Aura, then you’ve probably heard their frustration - Michaels and Joann stores are selling out around the country. We’re shipping stock as fast as we can, but it’s been hard keeping up! Well, good news - now folks can order their own Glowforge Aura directly from Glowforge.

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Thick Plywood on Aura; fixes for Catalog and Community Chat

We’ve added Proofgrade settings for Thick Plywoods in the app for Aura customers. These include Thick Basswood, Maple, Cherry, and Walnut. If you’re printing on an Aura, you can now choose from standard Proofgrade cuts, scores, or engraves for your design, and these standard settings will be automatically applied to your print.

Thanks to your feedback, we were able to identify and resolve an issue related to the All Designs and Free with Premium pages in the Glowforge Catalog. These are updated and you can continue to add or buy any designs from those pages. Additionally, we resolved an issue with Community Chat where customers were unable to verify their Glowforge account.

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The Glowforge App is more zippy

As you know, your Glowforge comes with a lifetime free subscription to Glowforge Print, the app that makes everything possible. Well, we’ve made some dramatic improvements under the hood to improve your Glowforge Print experience! When editing your design, you should see a smoother and more responsive experience (up to 2 times faster in responding to your key/touch/mouse), especially if your design contains lots of parts.

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Think it, type, it, make it with Magic Canvas, new tools to adjust artwork, and get featured designs with one-click

Introducing: Magic Canvas

Have an amazing idea, but not entirely sure how to make it come to life? When you use Magic Canvas, exclusive to Glowforge Premium, you can translate that idea in your mind into something incredible.

New adjust artwork tools

Sharp, high-contrast images are perfect for spectacular engravings and Premium members can now make these adjustments to your artwork - directly in the Glowforge app.

When you click on any bitmap image in your app workspace, whether you traced it, uploaded it, or created it with Magic Canvas, you’ll see the new Adjust Artwork tool.

Get monthly featured designs with one-click

Monthly featured designs are free for Premium members and, if you get them during their featured month, you get to keep them forever. You can now add them to your dashboard with one-click, without the need to checkout from The Catalog!

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Discover the designs other Glowforge owners love

When Glowforge owners print a Catalog design, they’re now sharing their experience and feedback for you. That means when you are searching for the next amazing designs to print, you can now see their feedback, including how they liked it and ways they personalized it!

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Let creators know they’re amazing!

Introducing catalog reviews: when you print a new Glowforge Catalog design for the first time, you now have a chance to share your rating. That will help other Glowforge owners choose designs, and let the design creator know what you think of their work! You’ll receive a quick survey, and in just a few clicks, you can let folks know how it went for you.

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A New App Dashboard & Smart Folders

New App Dashboard

When you log into, you’ll see an updated homepage to help you make the most of your Glowforge. From here, you can easily access your most recent designs, discover new and popular Catalog designs, tutorials, and more.

Smart Folders

Perhaps our most often requested feature! Smart Folders help you organize everything you can print.

You can organize your projects however you want, even adding the same design to more than one smart folder. (For example, you may create an ornament and add it to the “Celebration & Events” smart folder, but also put it in the “Print before December” smart folder to make sure you don’t forget it!)

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