A few favorite fonts

And these are a few of my favorite fonts

Here come more improvements for Glowforge Premium! The best fonts are now at the top. You can now favorite your most used fonts and find them at the top of your font list. We’ve also added selected script and stencil collections. And to make it easier to navigate the 900+ fonts we provide you, we’ve added a quick “jump to top” shortcut.

New firmware

The next time you turn on your Glowforge, the firmware will update automatically. This update will help us prepare for future improvements and corrects a rare bug that caused the machine to show a purple button.

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Get inspired while you print

Inspire others and get inspired while you print! With so many of us at home, we want to experiment with a new way to connect you with others in the community who also share your passions.

Each week, we’re going to pick a topic and invite a small, rotating group of users to share their prints and the stories behind them with each other. If you’re invited for the week, you will see posts from other invited creators while you’re printing. Click “Share your story” to share your ideas and tell others about your prints.

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Creative Tools is Really Shaping Up

We have an update to Glowforge Premium’s Creative tools suite: You can now add an infinite variety of shapes!With the additions to the shapes tool, you can now add polygons and stars, then round their corners, set different number of points, make stars “gentler” or “sharper”. And of course you can still squish them (into a shooting star!) by stretching them when you resize.

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New firmware

The next time you turn on your Glowforge, the firmware will update automatically. This update will help us prepare for future improvements.

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A better handle on your artwork

We’ve made an improvement to your workspace, so you can more easily select your artwork and use the handles to resize and rotate them.

And thanks to your feedback, we’ve also fixed some bugs where newly added shapes, text, or uploaded files were not appearing on a new blank design in some situations.

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Bigger printable area with some materials

We fixed a bug that was causing the printable area to be slightly reduced when using some Proofgrade settings.

We’ve also added a note on the “Trial” badge in case you missed the Glowforge Premium beta announcement and are wondering what that is!

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Show and hide the precision position tool; Search on support site; App bug fixes

Show and hide the Precision Position tool

Thank you for the outstanding feedback about the Precision Positioning tool! We’ve added the ability to show and dismiss it so it doesn’t get in your way.

It’s easier to find solutions

We’ve improved the Glowforge support site, including adding search. The new support pages will be available at support.glowforge.com later this week, or by clicking "Support" in the App.

App bug fixes and improvements

We’ve made a few small improvements to the app this week.

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Better dashboard preview and other improvements

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve improved the preview images in your design library so that they are higher resolution and show the colors used in the original design file. The thumbnails are refreshed every time you open a design. This fix will be rolling out over the next several days.

We’ve also fixed an issue that sometimes causes the camera image in the workspace to appear white.

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Toolbar tooltips, visual updates, and rotation bug fix

Toolbar tooltips and visual updates

We’ve added tooltips to make it easier to use our software, and made some improvements to the visual styling of the toolbar!

Create Outline updates

We fixed an issue that sometimes caused the rotation handle not to work.

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Connected text and Create Outline improvements; Squished more bugs

Connected text

When you use the beta Glowforge Premium Text feature, overlapping letters will be automatically joined together. That means that when you create text using calligraphic fonts, it can be cut out as a single connected word.

Create Outline updates

The beta Glowforge Premium feature “Create Outline” has moved to the right hand side menu. This menu appears when something is selected.

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