Zoom out 4x plus change to the side buffer look (8/20/19)

You can now zoom out to 50% (showing twice as much) and 25% (showing four times as much). The previous limit was 67%. Of course, all the other zoom levels are still available.

We’ve also changed the look of the side buffers that indicate where you can and cannot print. They’ve changed from striped to a solid, transparent grey.

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Glowforge App Interface Improvements (7/30/19)

We’ve made some improvements to the Glowforge interface based on your feedback! These are particularly helpful on phone and tablet, but you’ll see improvements on many desktop devices too.

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Glowforge Shop Updates (7/8/19)

We’ve updated the Glowforge Shop for US customers. This will make it easier for us to grow, including things like international expansion. As part of the change, we’re switching from auto-applying credits to electronic gift cards; you can request and use them when you need them.

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Daily dose of inspiration (7/1/19)

Every featured print on your Dashboard now comes with the story of the amazing Glowforge owner who created it. Feeling inspired? Add your own to the Made on a Glowforge section of the Community!

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Starting a print when it’s warm; finding your way from the forum (6/25/19)

Previously, your prints won’t start if your Glowforge unit is too hot. Now, when your Glowforge is too warm to print, pressing the button will run the fans to help cool things off and print when the temperature drops.

Based on your suggestions, we’ve added a navigation bar to the forum. Now, when you’ve got the answer you need, or inspiration strikes, head right back to your Dashboard and begin printing up a storm!

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You Made Something Magical & Alignment Improvement

We want to highlight the creators that make our company possible (you!), and the creations that they’ve built. So we’ve created a new set of pages, an updated customer gallery. Everyone at the office lost 20 minutes of productivity the first time they checked it out and we've been sharing non-stop.

Your Glowforge lid camera makes it quick and easy to lay out your print. The actual print should always land within ¼” of where you put it, but we’ve seen that’s not true for everyone. We created the Lid Camera Calibration process to fix this.

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Focus Marker shows where your Glowforge autofocused

We have a new feature to improve autofocus on your Glowforge. Now, any time your Glowforge autofocuses, it will set a Focus Marker at the place where your Glowforge focused.

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Improved accelerometers

We are starting to roll out an improvement to the way the software uses the sensors that detect movement. If there’s a bump, your machine may now cancel (during the focusing step) or pause (during the print). This could occur, for example, if there’s an obstruction in the bed or if the Glowforge unit is jostled.

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Faster software & improved fan sensors

The files you upload by clicking "Upload" or "Add Artwork" are getting processed up to twice as fast!

A series of calculations to adjust for the height of the material used to take several seconds, but now they’ll happen instantly.

Finally, more accurate monitoring of your Air Assist Fan to reduce false alarms.

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Compact Filter, Set Focus, and Extreme Temperature Sensing

We've got a few updates for you this week.

You’ll find a new option under the gear icon that you’ll need to use if you own a Compact Filter. We’ve also added a second new tool under the gear: “Set Focus”.

Finally, your Glowforge already senses the temperature of the coolant in the laser to pause when it’s getting too warm, but your Glowforge just got smarter in a new way.

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