Latest Improvements

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Something while you’re printing & new Early Access features

A Glowforge owner shared a wonderful idea with us: what if you had something inspiring to look at while you’re waiting for your print to finish?

We whipped up this quick showcase that shares amazing prints tagged with #glowforge while you print.

Premium members now have Early Access to new features that make it easier to design in the Glowforge app!

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Taking pictures more reliably

We’ve made improvements to the way the cameras on your Glowforge take pictures so that it succeeds more often.

We will be rolling this update out automatically to all customers over the course of the next week. If you’ve seen the messages “The camera didn’t take a picture” or “Unable to align” (during a Pro Passthrough print) in the past, you may see them less frequently with this update.

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Upcycle your cardboard shipping boxes

You can now easily upcycle unused cardboard boxes into amazing creations.

Thanks to Early Access feedback, we’re now ready to release this to all Glowforge owners. You’ll find settings for cutting, scoring, and engraving for two common thicknesses of corrugated cardboard. We tested the settings with plain, unmarked cardboard commonly used by retailers such as Amazon for their shipping boxes.

However, Glowforge can’t guarantee materials from third parties - they may use different glues or have other material differences that could create problems. As always, watch your Glowforge while it’s printing.

To print on cardboard, when you open a design, just search for “cardboard” in the materials menu. To decide which material to select, measure your cardboard (we recommend using your Gift of Good Measure!) to find its thickness.

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Updates to the UI

Improved visuals


Last week we released User Interface improvements, including brighter, most visible lines. The feedback was fantastic! Based on your thoughtful comments, we added an option so you can switch between thinner lines that give you more precision (now the default), and thicker lines that are easier to see. Thank you for helping us make things even better!

If you prefer the extreme visibility of the thicker lines, we’ve got you covered – you can choose More visible in the Preferences menu!

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Cardboard settings, new Catalog design pages & updates to the UI

For Premium members: Settings for Corrugated Cardboard in Early Access Starting this week, Premium members will get early access to presets for cutting, scoring, and engraving on some types of corrugated cardboard. These have been tested with plain, unmarked cardboard of the thickness Amazon uses with their shipping boxes.

However, Glowforge can’t guarantee materials from third parties - they may use different glues or have other material differences that could create problems. As always, watch your Glowforge while it’s printing.

To get started, turn on “Settings for 1/8” Corrugated Cardboard” and “Settings for 5/32” Corrugated Cardboard” in Premium Early Access:

New Catalog design pages

In April we announced that you can start selling your designs in our Catalog. Owner creations are now some of the most popular designs, and Catalog prints are at an all-time high. So to make catalog designs clearer and easier to browse, we’re upgrading to a brand new look.

Improved visuals

We’ve been working to streamline interacting with the App Workspace. It’s now easier to select and manipulate objects, and new, brighter colors will make it easier to see your artwork in the workspace - with accessibility options for people who have trouble seeing colors, too.

Here are some of the changes we think you’ll love:

  • Thicker lines and brighter colors make it easier to see your artwork in the workspace
  • Resize and rotate handles are easier to see, especially against bright materials
  • Adjusted selection box size makes it easy to move and resize very small objects
  • Harder to accidentally drag objects when they overlap
  • Selecting an object in the workspace highlights it in the canvas and vice versa
  • Arrow keys now nudge at even increments (.1in and .25in or 0.5mm/2mm)
  • Holding shift while moving artwork limits movement to 45° angles
  • Preferences Menu that lets you choose from 5 color palettes for your workspace
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Print on copy paper

Your Glowforge is taking precision printing to a whole new level using preset settings for cutting, scoring, and engraving plain paper. The settings are tuned for standard 20 lb office copy paper.

Starting today, new owners will see an Onboarding Checklist in their Dashboard that walks you through how to get started with your Glowforge.

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Improving camera performance & new catalog designs

We have a new firmware update that improves communication with the cameras on your Glowforge, which can cause pictures to load faster and may reduce camera errors. The firmware will update automatically the next time you turn on your Glowforge.

New catalog designs

This week, we’re adding even more designs to the Glowforge Catalog. Choose your favorite hardwood to print these Ginkgo Leaf and Cherry Blossom Earrings, or a playful acrylic for these Hummingbird and Pouncing Foxes Swirl Earrings.

Decorate your favorite cupcakes with this Double Happiness Cupcake Topper (also available in a Stylized Swan), or stretch your fingers with this Three-Axis Spinner Toy.

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Search your designs from the dashboard; New catalog contents; Bigger Print Menu

We’re making it easier for you to find designs on your dashboard. By default, your designs are sorted by the last opened date so that you can see your most recent prints first. With design search, it’s easy to find your designs by title.

New catalog designs!

This week, we’re adding a bunch more designs to the Glowforge Catalog. Check out the Lotus Blossom Shippo Earrings, solve this a Pocket Pentomino Puzzle, or spruce up your workspace with this Desktop Pen Holder (also available with an added Business Card Display).

Bigger print panel in your workspace

Next time you print, you may notice that the Print Panel on the right of your workspace looks a bit different. We’ve made this panel a bit more spacious so it’s easier to read messages on any device.

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New Premium perks: sell your designs in the Glowforge Catalog; print on copy paper

Premium Early Access: Sell your designs in the Glowforge Catalog

You can now apply to sell your designs in the Glowforge Catalog, and - if they’re accepted - get paid every time they’re printed.

Whether you create practical prints for everyday problems, extraordinary works of art, or a little bit of both, we think the Glowforge Catalog can be incredibly rewarding for you. We always say here that Glowforge is magical, but we both know it’s the things you create that are the real magic. We want to see you and thousands of designers like you earn money directly from your creativity.

Premium Early Access: Print on copy paper

You can now take precision printing to a whole new level using preset settings for cutting, scoring, and engraving on 20 lb copy paper. To get started, turn on “Settings for Copy Paper” in Early Access.

If you’re looking for a delightful first print on paper, try the Made with Love Gift Insert that’s free for Premium members.

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Coming to Glowforge Print: Printscan

Coming to Glowforge Print: Printscan™

Designs that concentrate lots of laser energy in a tiny space can lead to charring, discoloration, and material damage. That can leave you with a mess instead of the project you wanted.

To help combat this, we’re releasing Printscan. Printscan estimates if your print will experience material damage due to the concentration of laser energy. If Printscan concludes that there’s a high risk of material damage, it will give you a warning.

Premium button

Many of you have asked how to subscribe to Glowforge premium once it’s expired, and we’ve added a button to make it easy.

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