Latest Improvements

Changes may take 24 hours to appear.

Introducing metric!

You asked for it, and it’s here! The Glowforge UI is starting to go global. You now have the option to choose either inches or centimeters in the settings menu in your workspace. Depending on what you choose, the ruler and height measurements will automatically use the correct unit.

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Cleaner cuts, cool running, and a better pinch and zoom

We’re getting ready for summer temperatures with some improvements to the Glowforge Pro cooling system. Pan and zoom just got easier with our latest changes, and we’ve updated our Proofgrade™ Basswood cut settings to make sure they cut reliably for you.

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Enhanced engravings, iOS app improvements, and Plus pins

We’ve seen so many exquisite photo engravings, we decided to make them even easier with instructions and updated settings. We’re also continuing to add improvements to our iOS app, including the ability to save your design changes from your desktop back to the app. Finally, you’ll notice a new badge next to your Glowforge Plus in the interface.

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Even more laser-focused

We’re constantly working to make your Glowforge more precise and reliable. This week, we’re rolling out a small improvement that will make our autofocus process more accurate. Most owners won’t notice, but more accurate focus will mean that some prints that might have otherwise failed to cut through will now succeed.

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