Show and hide the precision position tool; Search on support site; App bug fixes

Show and hide the Precision Position tool

Thank you for the outstanding feedback about the Precision Positioning tool! We’ve added the ability to show and dismiss it so it doesn’t get in your way.

  • The Precision Position tool appears when you select any artwork so you can specify the precise position and size of your artwork
  • Click the Ruler icon to collapse the tool while you are creating
  • Click the Ruler icon again to expand the tool and make it visible

May-04-2020 23-03-44

It’s easier to find solutions

We’ve improved the Glowforge support site, including adding search. The new support pages will be available at later this week, or by clicking "Support" in the App.

App bug fixes and improvements

Thanks to your continual feedback, we’ve made a few small improvements to the app this week:

  • Fixed an issue with copy and paste was not correctly pasting copied artwork in the workspace in some scenarios
  • Improved the visibility of the Set Focus mouse pointer
  • Optimized performance when saving changes in the workspace