Better Proofgrade Detection and New Firmware

Better Proofgrade Detection

Some of you let us know that your Proofgrade materials weren’t being detected by your Glowforge. Thank you! We’ve rolled out a fix based on your feedback that will more reliably read material barcodes.

New Firmware Release

And now announcing… very little. The next time your Glowforge powers up, the firmware on you system will be quietly updated to the latest version. You probably won’t notice (our firmware updates have always been silent and uneventful) but there are some bug fixes that should make things go more smoothly.


In the past, if your Glowforge got too warm, it would abort and potentially ruin your print. Now, it will just cool off for a bit and continue. The head will stop moving, but everything else will be the same. Coming soon: the UI will update to let you know this is happening, and we’ll lower the temperature limit to improve your performance. (In the interim, printing when it’s over 72 degrees or so may result in the laser not cutting through consistently - right now it only pauses when the temperatures are critical).

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Workspace Improvements

Zoom better

It can be handy to use the web browser zoom controls, as well as the magnifying glass icon in the toolbar. The combination produced some surprising results though - and not the good kind of surprise. We fixed an issue where if you zoomed out with your browser (instead of using the zoom in the app), you would see the ruler and bed image resize in unexpected ways, and your artwork would not resize. Now, if you use your browser’s native zoom, the bed image, rulers, and your artwork all resize together - just as you’d hope.

Phantom calibration

We’ve taken care of a problem where you might have seen a “calibrating” message in the background during a print, when it wasn’t actually calibrating.

Clearer engrave settings choices

You might have seen two identical color previews when selecting “Engrave by color” and “Score” settings for Proofgade materials - for example, between light and dark engraves. All better now!

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Introducing Draftboard, black crumb tray improvements, and default cut order


Draftboard™ is here

We’ve heard time and again that Glowforge owners love Proofgrade materials, but they’re overkill for some projects. Sometimes you need a strong, simple, inexpensive material - for example, for your first draft.
We’re excited to introduce Draftboard, an engineered wood product that’s designed to work perfectly with lasers. It’s strong and engraves crisply and clearly. You can use it as a thrifty drop-in substitute for our finished plywood products when a plain and unfinished surface meets your project’s needs. It’s the same thickness as our hardwood plywood, so when your design works with Draftboard, it’ll work with Proofgrade plywood. It even looks sharp when painted!

It has the same masking and barcoding as all of our Proofgrade materials, so you can print knowing it will work perfectly every time. Like all our materials, you never need to worry about settings or configuration. It’s covered by the same quality warranty as all Proofgrade materials. And the best part: it costs about one third as much as hardwood plywood, so it’s an ideal choice for drafting.

The Glowforge Shop is open to people who’ve received their Glowforge. If you have access, you can find Draftboard there now.

Upgraded positioning for black crumb trays

We have improved our machine vision system to make systems with black honeycomb trays calibrate as quickly as machines with silver trays. Previously, we’d sometimes require more images (and time) to calibrate with black trays when the machine is first powered on.

Default cut order

Based on feedback from many of you, we’re changing our default software behavior to put engraves first and cuts second. As always, you can drag and drop steps to reorder them if you prefer a different order.

The manual is now available through the Glowforge App, including a guided tour of your first three prints. We’ll be publishing new content frequently, so check back if you encounter an issue or are curious about how to do something new.

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Introducing Precision Power and Full Power

We’re introducing something big: Full Power for fast and beautiful cuts and Precision Power for incredibly delicate cuts and engraves. We’re also fixing the display of names and uploads with linked images.

Introducing Precision Power

You’re getting a whole new world of abilities for creating crisp cuts and beautiful engravings on delicate materials like paper, leather and veneer: Precision Power. Precision power also unlocks light and richly detailed engraves on materials like wood and acrylic. Precision power is used by default for Proofgrade™ materials. From the manual settings tab, you can access Precision Power by choosing any power setting from 1-99.

You don’t need to do anything if you’re just using the default Proofgrade settings; all of the Proofgrade materials are already updated to use the new power settings to ensure the best engraves for your materials.

These dice are made out of regular printer paper and engraved using Precision Power mode.

Introducing Full Power

Full Power works together with Precision Power mode like two peas in a pod. Full Power is the setting to give you gorgeous, fast, consistent cuts on materials like hardwood, plywood and acrylic.

If you’re experimenting in the Manual Settings tab, just set the power to 100 to access Full Power. For most cuts you’ll want to use Full Power, and simply adjust the speed to make your cuts come out just as you like.

Just like Precision Power, you don’t need to do anything if you’re just using the default Proofgrade settings, as we’ve spent many hours finding the best cut settings for your materials for you.

No more linked image problems

It’s frustrating when you try to upload a design and it doesn’t work like you were hoping. For example, sometimes when you create artwork using design software, you end up with “linked images” instead of ones that are saved right along with the rest of the artwork. Now you get a heads up when this happens so it’s easy to fix it, and get your artwork right as you imagine it - images and all!

We love you, and your name too

Your name will be displayed in the app as your given name plus the first letter of your last name. This replaces your email address - that way when you share screenshots of your projects in the Glowforge app in the forum or with friends, you won’t be sharing your email too.

We love making your Glowforge better

We love making stuff better for you. In addition to the changes above, every update comes with bug fixes and other improvements.

What do you think? We’re talking about the latest improvements on the Community Forum.

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