Connected text and Create Outline improvements; Squished more bugs

Connected text

When you use the beta Glowforge Premium Text feature, overlapping letters will be automatically joined together. That means that when you create text using some of these calligraphic fonts, it can be cut out as a single connected word:
connected text
This applies to new text created after the update.

Create Outline updates

The beta Glowforge Premium feature “Create Outline” has moved to the right hand side menu. This menu appears when something is selected.

Select the artwork or group of artworks you want to cut out, click the Outline icon and click “Create new outline”. After you create an outline, use the slider to make the space between the line and your art wider or narrower.

Squished more bugs

We fixed a couple of bugs:

  • In the app workspace, we fixed an issue that caused a few users to see a white screen when loading a design
  • In the design library, we fixed an issue that caused some Firefox users to see a blank thumbnail after opening a design