More engrave settings for personal devices, Enterprise Wi-Fi in beta, and faster camera

Our first device engrave setting was such a hit, we’re adding the Pixel 2, Surface, and iPhone. For those of you working in an education or business setting, we’ve got good news – we’re adding support for Enterprise Wi-Fi for the most commonly used authentication methods. Finally, we’ve got some updates to improve the overall performance of your camera.

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Enhanced engravings, iOS app improvements, and Plus pins

We’ve seen so many exquisite photo engravings, we decided to make them even easier with instructions and updated settings. We’re also continuing to add improvements to our iOS app, including the ability to save your design changes from your desktop back to the app. Finally, you’ll notice a new badge next to your Glowforge Plus in the interface.

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Even more laser-focused

We’re constantly working to make your Glowforge more precise and reliable. This week, we’re rolling out a small improvement that will make our autofocus process more accurate. Most owners won’t notice, but more accurate focus will mean that some prints that might have otherwise failed to cut through will now succeed.

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Glowforge both in and on your Apple device + giant materials

We’ve got two new features in beta: an iOS app that lets you control printing from your iPhone or iPad and the engrave settings for the Macbook Pro Silver. Plus, you’ll now find Pro Passthrough-sized Proofgrade™ options in the shop.

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Shop additions! Acrylic that’s just like glass, Thick Acrylic, and Pro Shields

Today, we're adding lots to the Shop! New Thick Acrylic Colors: Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Teal, Fluorescent Green, and Fluorescent Pink. And, for something different, we’re adding Thick Glass Green Acrylic too! Pro Shields will also be available in the Shop, just in case Pro Owners would like an extra pair.

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Publishing our firmware

We're releasing the source code to the firmware that powers your Glowforge.

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Lots to print? Make a Copy!

When we released Autosave, we heard that it was a great feature - but sometimes you wanted to keep the original design, even though you’re making a custom version. For example, perhaps you have a coaster with a cool engraving. When you have friends over, you have them add their name by using the ‘trace’ feature and print them a custom coaster set. But you want to keep the original, without their names, too.

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Snap and Store and Rotate and Refer

We love to see the amazing things people make - whether they’re elaborate original creations, or just a joyful printing of one of our starter projects. We’ve been thinking about upgrading the plaque project for a while, and we finally found the perfect replacement. The Snap and Store box is fast to print, easy to assemble, fun to personalize, and will be a great new way to get started with Glowforge. Of course, you’re already started - but we’ll add this handy box to your Dashboard at shortly.

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Autosave, Faster startup, and more

From now on, every design you create on your Glowforge will automatically save changes you make, as you make them. That means that if you close your browser, navigate to another page, or just hit refresh, your work will pick up right where you left off.

Should you make a change by mistake, you can use undo any time until you leave or refresh the page. If you want a clean start, you can always go to your dashboard and click the upload button to upload the file again. If you got the design from the catalog, then you can start fresh if you click on the three-dot icon and click “Reset Design” to remove all changes.

This was our most requested feature from customers like you - we’re excited to be able to launch it today!

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New & Improved Engravings

We’re always working to make your prints faster and better. Today, we’re rolling out a whole host of new engrave options for Proofgrade materials. Here’s a quick guide to what you’ll find:

Detail and speed options

We now offer a variety of choices to let you pick the tradeoff of detail and speed that best fits your project. Not all choices are available on all materials, but you may find:

Draft engraves are designed to print as quickly as possible, while still giving good visual quality. For some purposes you may like the lighter low-res look; for others, you may want to do a draft engrave just to see how the project is going to come out.

Standard definition (“SD”) engraves are the default. These offer better detail and smoother edges than draft engraves, but are still not too slow to finish.

High definition (“HD”) engraves are now available. These offer the very highest level of detail, smoothest corners, and the ability to engrave truly tiny details. HD engraves are slow, and best for smaller prints where you want exquisite detail.

Engrave styles

We also now offer styles that are specialized for different types of source art. Not all materials support all styles, but you can choose from:

Graphic engrave: Graphic settings are optimized for vector art, sans serif text, and solid blocks of color. It’s great for icons, images that are pure black and white (with no grey), or images with a few solid colors.

Photo engrave: Photo settings are optimized for photographs, color or greyscale images, and images with gradients or lots of colors. You’ll need to pre-process your image for engraving (increasing the contrast and sharpening it) for the best results.

The old settings will be maintained for a week or two and then will be removed. We hope you’ll enjoy trying them out - we can’t wait to see what you’ll make!

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