Upcycle your cardboard shipping boxes

Print on corrugated cardboard You can now easily upcycle unused cardboard boxes into amazing creations such as this Decorative Layered Vase:

Decorative Vase

Thanks to Early Access feedback, we’re now ready to release this to all Glowforge owners. You’ll find settings for cutting, scoring, and engraving for two common thicknesses of corrugated cardboard. We tested the settings with plain, unmarked cardboard commonly used by retailers such as Amazon for their shipping boxes.

However, Glowforge can’t guarantee materials from third parties - they may use different glues or have other material differences that could create problems. As always, watch your Glowforge while it’s printing.

To print on cardboard, when you open a design, just search for “cardboard” in the materials menu. To decide which material to select, measure your cardboard (we recommend using your Gift of Good Measure!) to find its thickness.

Cardboard material menu

To help you get started you can get the Decorative Layered Vase design for free!