Something while you’re printing & new Early Access features

Find inspiration while you print

A Glowforge owner shared a wonderful idea with us: what if you had something inspiring to look at while you’re waiting for your print to finish?

We whipped up this quick showcase that shares amazing prints tagged with #glowforge while you print.

New Print Modal

Here at Glowforge, we’ve been loving it because your work inspires us to hug our loved ones, organize our homes, and add a little whimsical touch into our lives. We hope they’ll stretch your imagination too (And if you have more ideas to show off, just post to Instagram with #glowforge)!

This will roll out to users gradually over the course of the next few weeks.

Two New Features In Early Access! Premium members now have Early Access to new features that make it easier to design in the Glowforge app!

Workspace Update

Use Grouping to move and resize objects together, while keeping their arrangement and spacing consistent.

Use Ungroup to remove all groups from your selection. That includes ungrouping items that were grouped automatically when you imported them!

Use Paste as a new step to paste as a new print step. This makes it easy to make versions of your art with different settings.

And all these are available through mouse, touch, and keyboard! With a mouse, right-click. On a touchscreen, press and hold. And keyboard shortcuts are:

Cut cmd/ctrl + x Copy cmd/ctrl + c Paste cmd/ctrl + v Paste as new step cmd/ctrl + shift + v Group cmd/ctrl + g Ungroup cmd/ctrl + shift + g

To get started, turn on Group & Ungroup and Paste with new step settings in Early Access. Check out this Help Center article to learn more about these new features.