Group, Ungroup, and more! Plus new Proofgrade sales and holiday designs

More design control in the Glowforge App All Glowforge users now have access to two new features that make it easier to design in the Glowforge app!

Cut Copy Paste Group Ungroup

  • Use Grouping to move and resize objects together, while keeping their arrangement and spacing consistent.
  • Use Ungroup to remove all groups from your selection. That includes ungrouping items that were grouped automatically when you imported them!
  • Use Paste as a new step to paste as a new print step. This makes it easy to make versions of your art with different settings.

And all these are available through mouse, touch, and keyboard! With a mouse, right-click. On a touchscreen, press and hold. And keyboard shortcuts are:

Cut     cmd/ctrl + x
Copy     cmd/ctrl + c
Paste     cmd/ctrl + v
Paste as new step     cmd/ctrl + shift + v
Group     cmd/ctrl + g
Ungroup     cmd/ctrl + shift + g

To get started, check out this Help Center article to learn more about these new features.

Shop for Proofgrade sales, all in one place

We’ve been able to offer some amazing promotions on Proofgrade material lately. With that, we’ve had requests to make it easier to keep track of what’s on sale. You can see all current Proofgrade discounts at Starting this week, you will also be able to see more details about sale items, including which sizes are on sale and how much you’ll save.


New holiday Catalog designs

Holiday season is right around the corner and we’ve been adding dozens of incredible designs to help you prep for the busiest time of the year. From spooky halloween decor to holiday cheer, here are just a few of your incredible designs – now available in the Catalog.

October LI designs (halloween)

Created by Glowforge owners just like you, these are free with your Glowforge Premium membership, or can be purchased as single and unlimited prints. They also come with full commercial rights so you can print as many as you want - for yourself, for gifts, or even to sell!