We've been hosting a livestream every week for almost as long as we can remember! Here you'll find a selection of our most popular and recent episodes. Check back regularly to see if there's something new

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Here you'll find a selection of our most popular and recent episodes. Check back regularly to see if there's something new

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How To: Setting Up a New Material

Learn about calibrating the perfect settings for a new material. Join Bailey & Nick as they experiment with printing on EVA Foam. They demonstrate how to test Glowforge settings & focus height so you can get a perfect print at home.

Printing a Felt Pennant Flag

Join Bailey & Nick as they print a custom felt pennant flag with Glowforge (feat. our imaginary laser hot sauce brand). They’ll walk you through setting up your design, calibrating your materials, and assembling the final product. Watch now & let your felt flag fly!

How To: Removing the Crumb Tray (to print on TALL things!)

Learn about how to remove the crumb tray to print thicker materials & how to find that “sweet spot” of laser focus. (Plus, get a bonus tutorial on engraving on glass!)

Printing on Food

One of our most delicious projects yet! Join Nick & Bailey from Glowforge as they test engraving tasty treats from their pantry. (Remember, always use a Glowforge that's dedicated to food if you plan to consume the food!)

John K Workshop Takeover

Join us as we take over John Kuiphoff's home studio for a special Workshop Takeover Livestream!

Accurate Prints Made Easy

Join Nick & Bailey from Glowforge as they teach you how to use Set Focus to get the most accurate prints on your Glowforge, every time.

Kerf 101 (aka how to create inlays for stained glass, woodwork, and more)

Understanding kerf might seem tricky, but in this episode we explode that myth! Join us as we show you how to fit one shape inside another without needing glue. (Plus, we share one pro tip for an even better fit)

Make a Custom Stamp For Your DIY Wedding

In this show, we create a custom monogram stamp with Glowforge Premium and an old drawer pull - perfect to customize your DIY wedding!

Modern Acrylic Signage For Less Than You'd Think

In this show, we take an ordinary piece of clear acrylic and create a modern table sign that would cost $$$ to buy. In just a few minutes, and with a splash of acrylic paint, we'll create something your guests will be posting about for months.

Puppet Making with Glowforge

Join Bailey & Nick as they print characters and props for a puppet show using Glowforge! They’ll take their ideas from start to finish & answer all of your questions along the way.

How to Print a 4-foot Name Sign

Bailey & Nick explain how to use the Glowforge App to design and print a name sign that's far bigger than their Glowforge. The secret: Pro Passthrough!

Mastering 3D Engraves

Ever wondered how 3D engraves are made? In this episode, Bailey & Nick walk you through the process step by step and create a custom pickle ball bat along the way

How to Print a Custom Photo Puzzle with Glowforge

In this episode, Bailey and Nick show how easy it is to create a puzzle using the Glowforge App (spoiler alert - it only takes one click!)

How to Engrave PHOTOS - perfect for weddings, gifts, & home decor!

Bailey & Nick cover everything you need to know about engraving photographs. They answer questions live in chat, and explain exactly what you’ll need to make your picture perfect print.

Learn to Build a Perfect Box!

Join Nick & Bailey as they design and print a box using Glowforge! They’ll walk through everything from using free online box generators, to setting up the print in the Glowforge App, to assembling the final creation.

Customizing an IKEA Stool

Watch Bailey & Nick customize a wooden stool from IKEA using Glowforge! Learn how to choose the optimal print settings + customize your stool with images and text.

Glowforge for Educators - from STEM to Theatre, Library Makerspaces, Lessons Plans, & more!

In this special Livestream, Bailey & Nick demonstrate how Glowforge is used in classrooms across the country. Watch them use Glowforge to print a Physics project & see how Glowforge can inspire *your* students!

Printing on Stone, Live! Sandstone, Slate, and more

Follow along as our hosts use Glowforge to print on all different types of stone. Nick & Bailey demonstrate how to choose the optimal settings so you can get a perfect print at home.

Giant-sized catalog prints!

Follow along as our hosts take a catalog design and scale it 200x to create a giant model bi-plane.

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