Follow along as projects come to life from start to finish. Dive in deep with full project tutorials, or find inspiration fast with minisodes & quick clips.

Making with Glowforge

Follow along as projects come to life from start to finish. Dive in deep with full project tutorials, or find inspiration fast with minisodes & quick clips.

Whether you have a minute or more, we'll show you how.


Real Glowforge owners show you every step as they create some of their favorite projects. These in-depth tutorials cover everything from using design software, choosing materials, printing with Glowforge & more.


Just have a minute? Get the creative juices flowing by seeing these projects come to life in no time flat!

Printing, Step-by-Step

You've got your SVG... now what? Creators show your how they print projects step-by-step.

From Start to Finish

Whether it’s your 1st print or your 40th, From Start to Finish is for you. Besides printing maps, miniatures, keychains & earrings, you’ll learn skills that you can use with any future project.

Miniature Furniture Design on Glowforge

Miniature Furniture

13 Minutes

Join Chelsea (and her cat Millie) to learn how to print a mini-sized mid-century modern dining table. You’ll see every step of the process from scaling your design, to creating your print in design software, and even setting up the print with Glowforge.

Hippie Earrings

12 Minutes

Let your ears do the talking with a pair of custom acrylic earrings. Learn from the Golden Hippie herself (and her trusty Glowforge, Charlene) as she takes you step by step through the process.

Map Making

20 Minutes

Chart a course for your favorite city & print a custom layered map. Christina will guide you through every step so you can learn how to design your map, make an SVG, set up the print, and even make a custom frame.

Portrait Keychain

12 Minutes

Keep your families, fur friends, & friends close with a custom keychain. In this in-depth tutorial, Audrey shows how to create a design from a family photo & print it with Glowforge so you can print your own version at home.


More projects to spark your imagination.

Custom Puzzle: Print a toddler puzzle

3 Minutes

When Nick’s toddler got bored at home, they created a brand new toy from scratch. Watch to see father and son work together to bring an idea to life before nap time.

Home Decor: Print functional wall art with Pro Passthrough

2 Minutes

Nick was decorating his home when he thought of the perfect idea to personalize an electrical panel. Watch to see how he used Passthrough on his Glowforge Pro to create something truly magical within minutes.

Outdoor Decor: Create a living wall trellis with Pro Passthrough

7 Minutes

Nick uses a custom design to create a trellis plants can hang on to create a living wall. This large print uses the Passthrough slot on Glowforge Pro to fit material that doesn’t fit inside the bed.

Seasonal Decor: Personalize a wood and acrylic ornament

2 Minutes

Ellen walks through adding personalization to an ornament to make it one-of-a-kind. Watch to see how simple it can be to add your own embellishments to things you’ve made or purchased elsewhere.

Step by Step Printing Tutorial with Phuong from PBcorner

7 Minutes

You've probably seen Phuong's incredible prints popping up all over the place and this one is no different. Keep watching for a behind the scenes look at how to make one of Phuong's best-selling products.

Step by Step Printing with Chelsea from Chelsea Makes

4 Minutes

Join Chelsea through this step by step tutorial to learn how to make the July Design of the Month from start to finish: an incredible 50's diner-themed bird feeder

Step by Step Printing with Marissa from The Sunny Nest Decor

6 Minutes

What does it take to make your house a home? Decor with a personal touch goes a long way. Join Marissa through this step by step tutorial to learn how to make a striking piece for your wall

Step by Step Printing Tutorial with Zorrie from Sugar & Chic

4 Minutes

Get a little carried away with house plants this year? US TOO. Thankfully, Zorrie from Sugar & Chic has an easy way to use your Glowforge to give your new hanging vines an elegant home. Follow along step-by-step as she uses her Glowforge to create more space for leafy roommates.

Gifts They'll Treasure: Mix and Match Family Signs

2 Minutes

Watch Nick print a sign for a family friend and get carried away combining beautiful wood and vibrant acrylic. Glowforge makes it easy to print one, or one hundred of your designs with incredible precision every time.

Step by Step Printing Tutorial with Darryl from Spin Customs

4 Minutes

When we first met Darryl from Spin Customs, he told us about his incredible six figure business powered by Glowforge. Watch Darryl print the design that started it all and helped him pay his printer off in just 2.5 weeks.

Instant Inspiration: 2 Minute Minisodes

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