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Looking for more Livestreams? Nick & Bailey have got you covered!

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Looking for more Livestreams? Nick & Bailey have got you covered!

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We've talked about all this (and more!)

Conquering Passthrough

Join Nick and Bailey for a HUGE live print! They’ll share their Top 5 Tips for successful Passthrough printing.

Making Money

Did you know that your Glowforge can pay for itself in just 3 months? In this segment, real Glowforge owners share how they started their own successful businesses.

Materials Deep Dive

In this episode, Bailey and Nick talk about all things materials. They’ll demonstrate printing on paper, plastics, even avocados!

Design 101

We’ll explore all the ways you can create design files for printing. From presentation tools to 3D CAD, learn how to make the most of the software you already know. No experience required!

Meet the hosts

Meet Nick

Before Glowforge existed, Nick was a professional leatherworker. He’s the mind behind a thousand different Glowforge discoveries, and the world’s leading expert on “can my Glowforge do _____?”

Meet Bailey

Bailey’s been with Glowforge since the very beginning. She’s seen it all, and she loves sharing stories of success and the best practices she’s picked up along the way.

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Get to know Glowforge with Bailey as she covers everything from materials + designs, to starting a business from your home.

Watch projects come together from start to finish! Print along at home, or take inspiration for your next big idea.


minutes of live content broadcast this year


excited tangents prompted by viewer questions

*real number likely far higher


live print demos

> 10

Number of times Nick has forgotten what he was about to say

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