When will my Glowforge ship?

If your Glowforge was pre-ordered before October 25th, 2015, it will be ready to ship July 2017 (and possibly sooner). If your Glowforge was pre-ordered after October 24, 2015, it will be ready to ship August, 2017 (and possibly sooner).

When your Glowforge is ready to ship, we’ll send an email to collect your shipping address. If you can’t receive it then, for example if you are out of town when your unit is ready, you can ask us to hold shipment for you at that time.

We will email you with any major announcements or updates. You can also see past updates here. If you want up-to-the minute details, we answer questions and post daily on the community forum at

Why is international shipping so expensive?

With limited logistics time and resources, we had to go with traditional package delivery as the cheapest option we could launch with. The prices listed are the commercial rates for carriers like Fedex and DHL. Shipping dimensions of a Glowforge are 46" x 29" x 16" and 70 pounds. The Glowforge Air Filter is 46" x 29" x 12" and 40 pounds.

Can you make alternate shipping arrangements, like using your own FedEx account or working with a freight forwarder?

Unfortunately, due to the number of orders, we can't make special arrangements for individual shipments. We use one shipping carrier for each region; we haven't announced our shipping providers yet.

Why didn't you collect my shipping address?

Don’t worry, we'll email you shortly before your Glowforge is ready to ship to find out where we should send it. There will be no additional charges if you stay in the same country. If you move between countries, we can either charge or refund the difference at that time.

Can I pick up my Glowforge in Seattle?

We wish we could make that happen, but Glowforge boxes go straight from the factory to the shipper, so the only ones that will be in our office are ours!

Can I mail my Glowforge to a friend?

We are happy to ship your Glowforge wherever you want. After that, what you do with it is up to you. However, any shipping damage that occurs after it is delivered (if your friend ships it to you) would not be covered by the warranty.

What countries does Glowforge ship to? How much does shipping cost?

To find out if we ship to a country (and how much it costs), just click the "Pre-order" button from, pick your item, and fill out the "Country" field.

Do I have to pay taxes, tariffs, and customs for my Glowforge?

Unfortunately, all taxes, fees, tariffs, and customs duties are the responsibility of the recipient (except sales tax in Washington state).