About Glowforge

What is Glowforge?

Glowforge is a wireless 3D laser printer that fits on your desktop, works with your favorite design programs, and stores your designs & data on a cloud.

What can I make with Glowforge?

You can make an endless variety of useful, beautiful, and practical things from a bunch of different materials like wood, leather, felt, fabric, acrylic, paper, and more. Here are some ideas to get your wheels turning: https://www.pinterest.com/glowforge/

How can I get email updates on my Glowforge order?

We will send you major updates via email, but these happen only occasionally when we have major news. We update the Glowforge Owners Forum regularly, though, and you can have more frequent announcements emailed to you.

First, you need to set up your owner account and log in. You'll know the signin worked if you go to glowforge.com and see your email in the top-right hand corner.

Once you're signed in, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to community.glowforge.com
  2. Go to the Announcements section
  3. Click the circle in the top-right and select "Watching First Post" to have new activity emailed to you.

How is Glowforge different from a 3D printer?

Glowforge uses subtractive manufacturing while traditional 3D printers use additive manufacturing. A 3D printer builds up material, like plastic filament, layer by layer. With Glowforge, you’ll put a piece of material like leather, wood, or acrylic in the machine and it carves out your product using laser light. The technical name for the category of tools that includes Glowforge is a CNC laser cutter engraver, but that's a mouthful, so we call it a 3D laser printer.

What kind of software do I need to use Glowforge?

You can use your Glowforge from your Mac, PC, tablet, and more - the software is available on the web. While you can design with dozens of types of software (see the tech specs for details), it’s not required - you can print from our catalog or design by drawing directly on the material, where the Glowforge can scan it.

How do I set up an "Owners" account?

To create an account on Glowforge.com, you must have ordered a Glowforge. Then:

  1. On the Glowforge.com homepage
  2. Click "Sign In"
  3. Click "no password" and enter the email address you used to order your Glowforge
  4. Follow the email instructions to create a new password
  5. If you don't see the email, check your spam folder
  6. Log in under "Owners" using your email address and newly created password

Now, you can manage your order and post to the community forum. Should you be unable to set up your account, you can email support@glowforge.com to get help with your password reset.

Can I buy one of those beautiful laser-made objects on your website from you instead of buying a Glowforge?

We get that question a lot! We don't sell laser-made items, but soon there are going to be thousands of Glowforge owners who can. If you'd like to be one of them, you can get a Glowforge and start making things for yourself - or sell them online to pay for your Glowforge!

Can my child use a Glowforge?

Your Glowforge is an ideal tool for fostering creativity and design at a young age. There's nothing more rewarding than making toys instead of buying them. Adult supervision is required for those under age 18.

Can I borrow a Glowforge to write a review?

Please send as much information about your plans as possible to press@glowforge.com for their review.

Who made your video?

Our video was made by Mikhail Productions in Los Angeles. You can see more of their amazing work at mikhailproductions.com.

Tell George that Glowforge sent you!

Where can I see a product demo? Can I take a tour?

We wish we could have you over! We're swamped building Glowforges for the customers who've pre-ordered them, so the only way to see a Glowforge in person is to catch us at a live event, like Maker Faire or the Consumer Electronics Show. When we have Glowforge units in public to try, we'll announce it at twitter.com/glowforge and facebook.com/glowforge.

Where are Glowforge printers manufactured?

Every Glowforge unit is manufactured by Flex, one of the best-respected manufacturers in the world, in a facility used for producing Fortune-500 consumer electronics products. They are designed in Seattle and parts are sourced from around the world. Some units are assembled at Flex's US facility and some are produced at their facility in Mexico.

Will Glowforge be difficult to set-up or learn how to use?

Glowforge is incredibly easy to use. Most of our customers tell us it takes them less than 30 minutes to get their printer out of the box, plug it in, set it up, AND finish their first print!

The web interface, point-and-click software, and simple hardware (just one button!) combine to make it both simple and easy to use.

Your Glowforge comes with a detailed manual to help you learn to use it easily and quickly. We also have many resources to help: our community forum at community.glowforge.com answers most questions within hours, our detailed learning information at glowforge.com/support answers the most frequently asked questions, and we’re always here to help if you have a question.

We’ve seen incredible creativity from people ranging from preschool students to great-grandparents. We have no doubt you’ll be able to create amazing things!

Can I schedule a call with a Glowforge representative?

Unfortunately online is the only way for us to help right now.

I want to work at Glowforge! Are you hiring?

Yes, we are! Please visit us at glowforge.com/careers where you can see the positions we have open. That's also the place you can submit your resume and cover letter. We also welcome submissions of resumes for roles we haven't posted - even if we're not looking for the role right now, we'll keep it in case something opens up.