Wifi & the Cloud

Does Glowforge need a Wi-Fi connection?

Yes. You just need power and Wi-Fi to use your Glowforge. This lets you connect to the cloud servers hosted by Google, which we use to make many of the coolest features possible.

However, you only need the connection to start the print. If you lose your internet connection while printing it will finish.

Glowforge supports the most popular home wifi network types, open and WPA2-protected.

Will there be a fee for the Glowforge service?

There's no cost for you to print things with the Glowforge cloud service. It's free, included in your purchase price. There is no paid subscription required. All the features you see in the video at Glowforge.com are included at no additional cost (except for purchasing premium prints from the Catalog).

Can I use an ethernet adapter?

The product does not have a wired Ethernet adapter, and requires a Wi-Fi connection to work. However, it is possible to get an inexpensive wired ethernet to Wi-Fi bridge from any electronics store. It can also work with cellular internet adapters like the MiFi device and with cell phone hotspots.

Can the Glowforge print without a Wi-Fi connection?

No, a Wi-Fi connection to the internet is required to print.