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Standard-Aligned Lessons for Educators

Save your energy and time for the classroom. Our lesson plans integrate into your curriculum and are ready-to-use at the click of a button.

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Social Masks

By Sara Rosenstock

or this project, each student will design a mask that represents their alter-ego or a mask that represents how they wish people perceived them. This mask can depict emotion, aspirations, as well as playfulness—the possibilities are not limited.

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Geometric Animals

By Emily Hurst

Ready for a trip to the zoo? In this activity, students use what they know about geometric shapes to create a library from which students will build an animal.

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Build an Aquarium Exhibit

By Cathy DeCampli

This lesson introduces students to their school library’s subscription databases as a tool for their research projects and a fun place to satisfy curiosity.

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“Flat Stanley” Keychain

By Danesa Menge

What would it be like to be Flat Stanley? In this activity, students will develop design skills and empathy as they create their own version of the character.

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Community Luminaries

By Glowforge

In this activity, students recognize local heroes and honor them with a luminary highlighting their community contributions.

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Making Moves

By Glowforge

In this activity, students will identify and describe the phenomena of friction by using the Glowforge to print race cars and then conducting speed and distance trials to explore the effects of friction.

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