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Business & Marketing Lessons

While exploring real-world Business Development and Entrepreneurship challenges, students gain the skills needed for a future career in Business. Teach these challenges in series or pick and choose to fit your curriculum.

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Series: Business Development

Swag That Stands Out

Students will develop a brand marketing plan for a local business by creating unique swag that will increase brand awareness and drive revenue growth.

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Waste to Wealth

Students will explore how decisions about materials, sales platforms, and production time can impact the profitability of their product and business.

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Pop-Up Shop Showcase

Students will design and create components for a local commerce event, such as signage, booth displays, and other stand-out features.

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Series: Entrepreneurship

Marketing Magic

Students will develop and implement a marketing plan to sell a digitally designed product created with Glowforge.

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Sold! Build e-Commerce Success

Students will develop a business plan for an e-commerce business venture to sell their products online.

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Socials for Success

Students will create a social media campaign to build brand awareness and drive sales for a product or e-commerce storefront.

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Capstone: Pitch It!

Students will pitch their innovative business idea in front of an audience of peers or from the local entrepreneurial community.

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